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People bet on anything and everything, always have done, always will do. There is a clear divide between traditional Bookmakers, pool betting, Spread Betting and exchange betting firms.

On the one hand Bookmakers give a clear understandable structure of giving a price for a certain thing happening, for instance French Open Betting where you can pick the winner of the tournament or an individual match or even game and set. Spread Betting firms have the flexibility to create betting markets around complex happenings with a million possible outcomes. Pool betting is limited in scope but is popular at racecourses with the tote. Exchange betting can give the customer better value but is more complicated and you will have to factor in commission charges.

All bookmakers are into the online casino business now, as well as many the other way around, so traditonal online casinos are offering access to bookmaker type offerings. These all come along with poker, bingo and slots as well and some do financial trading. So one site may well cater for all of your needs but it is still advisable to shop around for the best value and dedicated casino sites will offer the best sign-up deals. And if you speak Dutch and want some home flavour in your search for licensed casinos then try online casino casa.

In the betting world Football betting has broken out of its past restrictions and now, as it is more popular than anything other than horseracing, you can bet on every part of the game. First goal and last goal scorers, correct score, first half - second half combinations, yellow and red cards, corners and a big money spinner on the exchanges is the over/under bet. This is where punters bet on whether the total number of goals will be over or under a chosen number, typically 2.5 although you can choose higher or lower. For all of these its important to scout around on the internet to find the best sites to bet on football and make sure you get the best odds. In many instances you will find more than a 100% book by doing this.

In the 21st Century it is fair to say many sports have become popular betting events with constant action 24/7 coupled with live TV coverage. There are now many new bet types and there is much focus on Asian Handicap betting. Football betting and Tennis betting along with many other forms are now offered as in-running betting, or sometimes called in-play betting, where you can bet at virtually any point up to the end of the match.

Casino Papa is a great site for UK and Euro friendly gambling reviews. They cover online slots, vegas style, poker, bingo, sports (online bookies reviews) and even binary options sites. Once you've read Papa's reviews you can then find many bonuses to get you started for the win.

Place your bets with honest SvenTax laws have become much more sensible in the UK than anywhere else in the world. Now there is no levy on bets placed and winnings from gambling are tax-free. There are however point of sale taxes which the UK government collects from the operators.

Currently it is still illegal to bet online in the USA and although there are millions of Americans trying to do this simple act of freedom everyday they are forced to use less than safe means. Big bookamkers like ToteSport and Boylesports do not take bets from people based in the United States.

Most of the large bookmakers have now moved to relative tax havens, like Gibralter, Malta, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Here they enjoy between 1% and 10% corporation tax and no turnover tax as they do in places like Australia and Germany.

All the online bookmakers now have an online casino to go with their operation and they come with a huge number of themed slot games like Cleopatra slots, Monopoly and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, so the ways to place a bet have never been more varied.

Please click on the links to left for individual Sports and Betting types. More will become available over the coming months.
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