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Why betting on the World Cup is easier and can make you more money than betting on European leagues

The 2022/23 European League season is underway and loads of bets have been placed. Lots of wins and losses have already happened and bettors are looking forward to more thrills.

Soon, however, those thrills will be interrupted by the 2022 FIFA World Cup which will come with its own betting markets and thrills.

To help you understand why betting on the World Cup is easier, we have prepared this article after carrying out our special Overlyzer sports betting test on the global showpiece.

Reasons to consider World Cup betting

The thrill of being a football fan is heightened when you have the opportunity to make bank from being able to accurately predict the outcome of games. From making stakes, to permutations involving various odds and markets, it makes for a richer experience both emotionally and financially.

The competition you choose to bet on also speaks a lot about your risk appetite and your knowledge of the game. This is why lots of people who tend to stake on more obscure leagues are able to have richer discussions as fans of the game when among others like them.

But one competition that combines both the thrill of betting on different leagues and the general satisfaction that comes with being a football fan is the FIFA World Cup. The 22nd edition of the global showpiece will be held in Qatar in the middle of the ongoing European season, which could slow down the momentum for bettors. However, it brings quite a lot of rewards that seasoned bettors like to keep to themselves.

It is also an easier route into making bank as a punter for the rookie bettors with little risk appetite.

Here are some reasons why betting on the World Cup is a lot easier and could make your pockets fatter in a few weeks than betting on the year-long European football season could.

Less games, easier bets

One of the thrilling experiences that betting provides is the ability to make accurate predictions, combine multiple markets and calculate multiple odds. Experienced punters revel in their ability to manipulate the various betting markets to make bank as it shows how much they understand the game and the probabilities that come with it.

Rookie punters could find this challenge daunting, as they may be unable to sort out what is in their heads and translate them into winning bets. The World Cup, however, gives an easier way out for rookie bettors who would like to make bank while supporting their favourite team.

There are only 32 teams in the World Cup as against the myriad of teams in European leagues. The 32 teams also have a definite squad as against European teams that can pull players from their academies depending on the game. Most importantly, there are less games to bet on, which makes it easier to make decisions on who to bet on and what markets to bet on.

Our special Overlyzer sports betting test recommends this for casual and rookie bettors.

Short time frames between bets

European league games typically come within a week of each other except on special occasions like UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and UEFA European Conference League. There are also domestic cups in the various national leagues which interrupt the normal flow of European league football.

This makes it a lot more time consuming to prepare bets ahead of the next match in your favourite European league. A lot of things could take place in the week of waiting. A lot of things could also change in those special occasions when continental football competitions and the likes come in between.

With World Cup bets, punters do not have to worry about last minute changes, except on rare occasions like when a player gets injured. With World Cup bets, it is easier to make a decision as the next opponents for the team you're betting on or against are known due to the already laid down tournament schedule.

Also, the fact that teams participating in a World Cup only have a maximum of three days to rest before they play their next match makes it easier for bettors to decide who to bet on. And the narrowed down options of having to bet on a few teams means that the odds are always more satisfactory for both rookie and experienced bettors.

After our special Overlyzer sports betting test, we discovered this to be a key reason why World Cup betting is easier and more attractive.

Easy decisions

Betting markets were born as a result of bettors having to stress over which teams would win games. With betting markets, bettors could bet on specific outcomes rather than on the game as a whole. The World Cup makes it a lot easier for bettors to make bank without stressing.

The tournament format of the World Cup is a real appeal for bettors because it pits the best against the underdogs/black horses and the casuals against each other in different groups. This makes it easier for bettors to make decisions on which teams to back on their favourite bookmakers.

For example, Group G of the upcoming 2022 World Cup has pitched Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon against each other. Bettors with a good knowledge of the game can make quite sure bets on who wins the group as a whole or on individual matches from this group. They can do all that without relying on betting markets to ensure that they come away with something.

It could get tougher at the latter stages as the stronger teams begin to face each other. However, it's still a much more straightforward decision for bettors, experienced or not, to make than betting on European leagues.
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