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Common problems that users face in
Even though Bet365 is a wonderful website filled with many possibilities, sometimes some issues come through the surface.

In this article, we will go through all of the common issues that players might come across when they bet in Bet365.

We hope you don't come across many of these issues here or other ones that we failed to mention here.


When it comes to depositing in Bet365, as any other operator, they also have deposit and withdrawal limits. For example, there is a minimum deposit sum that if players don't comply with and deposit fewer funds, their request will be rejected.

Of course, there is always the chance that you might miss out on a bonus or two connected to certain payment methods. This should be consulted with the customer service team, and also, you should check if the payment methods have their very own limits and restrictions.

Another extremely common issue when it comes to depositing is trying to deposit with another person's card. This goes against the casino's underage policy, and they will detect that the name on the card doesn't match the one on your ID.

If you have trouble depositing with debit or credit cards, you can try an e-method like Neteller.


Verification and customer support problems with bet365 are pretty common, too. With verification of accounts, many players tend to prolong the process. Let us remind you that it's not that complicated, and you need to simply prove your identity via ID card, passport, or a driver's license.

By delaying verification, your account could be limited, and you won't be able to withdraw your winnings.

ISo for peace of mind, right after registering your account, go through verification.

Other issues include not being able to log in to your account. Our advice is not to keep typing your password since your account will be locked after three attempts. In this case, immediately contact customer service through the Forgotten my username/password option.

However, if you receive an error message such as LL01 or ACTSTA, also contact customer support.


There are a couple of ways for you to get your account limited when it comes to betting. Some bettors get their account limited because of winning big regularly. This is considered a red flag by Bet356, and although it's not impossible, it's not very common.

On the opposite side, players can get their account limited if they make a lot of withdrawal requests for small sums. Since Bet365 pays a fee for each transaction, this action is not good for their costs.

And finally, you can very likely get your account blocked by placing bets from different IP addresses or accounts. You must have only one account.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we must say that if you follow the terms and conditions set by Bet365, you won't have any issues with your accounts and funds.

Just like with everything, Bet365 also has its rules, and when followed, you will have a happy and unproblematic betting experience filled with emotion.

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