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Play and Win:
The Top Betting Sports in Australia That You Can Enjoy
Horse Race Australia
Image by Jean Louis Tosque from Pixabay

Australia is an excellent place to be when you are into sports betting. They have a sound betting system, and they are bound by law under the Interactive Gambling Act to regulate the Sports, protect the bettor and the player where sports racing, sports betting, and lotteries are bound to follow.  

Sports betting is about placing a wager on a predictive result of a game. Bettors pay the sportsbook by placing a bet to earn the reward in the form of winnings or money. But not all are after the winnings because some are into sports betting because of the satisfaction they get and the fun it provides in playing it.

But with the fun of betting, there is an obvious risk involved, especially when putting real money on the line. There's always the risk of losing the money because there's no guarantee that you win. After all, sports are unpredictable, and anything could happen, even backing on favorites. Look into these sports if you want to try your luck in sports betting.

Horse Racing

Thoroughbred horse racing is a spectator sport and a popular betting pastime. It’s also a good betting sport online, as many sites such as the TopSport website offer you a safe and fun environment to place your bets on.

Australia has the most racehorses compared to other nations, and the sport has become a diverse avenue for business. Business owners venture into breeding, greyhound racing, facility management for training or stables, and horse racing. 

People involved in the horse racing industry are no ordinary people because they undergo the relevant training, possess the necessary skills, and even have licenses to run the operation. They are the trainers, stable hands and kennel hands, jockeys, and many others. So if you put your wager on the racing, you are ensured of credible people involved in the game.


The tennis sport in Australia started in 1904. It is currently administered by Tennis Australia, where it boasts of many great tennis players, men and women alike.

The state and territory gambling regulators license tennis sports betting held to the highest standards and integrity. This law protects every stakeholder, including youth players protected in any form of child abuse which ensures that the tennis sport is a safe and friendly environment for the youths. Tennis tournaments get millions of dollars from wagers with the best betting types like:
  • Set Betting
  • Multi Bets
  • Future Bets
  • Head-To-Head Betting

Baseball is an equally popular sport betting in Australia with several ways to bet on. Bettors are offered choices to bet; you can bet on individual games, the overall season result, or the individual players. Bettors can also wager over/under on a specific player's performance during a game. And this includes the number of runs batted in, the number of hits, home runs, strikeouts, and others.

But the most popular betting game plan is outright, wherein bettors can bet on the winning team in their division, leagues, or championships, or on who you think will win an award at the end of the season. For example, you can bet on who would win the MVP award.


Betting in soccer is a money generating game because of its popularity. You can win on luck, but it's always best to understand how to win. These tips will increase your chance of winning:

Follow a Tipster - A good tip from a tipster can increase your chance of winning. You can also refer to betting sites for real money winning tips.

Matched Betting - This strategy uses free bets offered by various bookies online, which guarantees a return. It gives you a comparison of the winning and losing possibilities of the playing teams.

Arbitrage Opportunities - Arbitrage bets create winning opportunities after placing a chance to generate profit at a five percent sub-range.

Avoid Gut-feel Betting - Avoid following your gut if you are serious about football betting. Research if you are not sure where to start.


Cricket is one of the oldest sports, composed of two opposing teams with 11 players on each team. It is also a sports betting game with the betting strategies as follows:
  • Match betting - Standard bet wherein you can pick from different outcomes. You pick on who wins, the home or away team. You can also pick if the game will end in a tie or draw. Selecting the correct choice wins you the bet.

  • Completed Match - Your bet will be about if the game will finish in a day or not. So if it seems that it won't finish, you consider betting that the match will not complete. So it's just a simple yes or no bet.

  • Tied Match - Another straightforward cricket match bet is the tied match wager. For this, you'll merely bet yes or no if you think that the match will end in a tie. If you select correctly, then you'll win your wager.


Sports betting opens countless opportunities for Australians. Aside from getting a good chance of winning for the enthusiasts, sports betting provides earning opportunities to businesses, operators, players, and many others. Utilize the opportunity wisely, but keep away from being hooked into gambling that may potentially cost your fortune.

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