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A status on the European Championship
Wembley Stadium
Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash
The summer has finally arrived, and this means that we have the pleasure of watching the UEFA European Championship almost every day. The tournament has been running for more than two weeks now, and it has moved on from the group stage to the knockout phase. At the moment, the round of 16 is being played and soon the tournament will move on to the quarterfinals. So far, we have witnessed some very interesting matches and like any other sports tournament, there have been surprises and disappointments. Now that the tournament is going into its final phase, there is no doubt that it will only become more interesting from now on. If you want to make the tournament even more interesting for yourself, you should consider betting on the last knockout matches. You can read lots of football betting tips, so you can increase your chances of winning. In the article below, we take a closer look at the European Championships so far.

The biggest surprises so far

It is almost impossible to host a major sports tournament without having a few surprises along the way, and there is no doubt that we have experienced some major surprises in the tournament so far. One of the biggest surprises might be that Switzerland defeated France in the round of 16 last night. France was crowned the winners of the FIFA World Cup three years ago, and now they won’t even make it to the quarterfinals. Switzerland fought hard which paid off when they won after a long match and a penalty shoot-out, and there is no doubt that France now needs some time to cope with the lost match.

Some of the best teams have been defeated

The defeat of France has not been the only surprise so far in the European Championship. There have been some other major countries who have been defeated and who won’t make it to the quarterfinals. Besides France, the FIFA World Cup finalists from Croatia were also defeated in the round of 16 when Spain won the match. Besides this, the Czech Republic won against The Netherlands the other day, and Portugal is also out of the tournament. The fact that some of the best teams have been defeated already just shows that anything can happen in soccer.

Can Denmark make it to the top?

Ever since the collapse of Christian Eriksen in the first match against Finland, Denmark has been absolutely incredible in the tournament so far, not only during the soccer matches but also in the way the team has handled the situation. After losing the first two matches against Finland and Belgium, they delivered an incredible comeback when they defeated Russia and went straight to the round of 16. Here, they were also superior when they defeated Wales, and now they are ready for the quarterfinals. If Denmark can make it all the way to the top in the European Championship, it will most likely be the most amazing comeback ever seen.

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