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The Biggest Misconceptions in Online Gambling

Online gambling has been with us for many years and the first online casinos appeared in 1994. Online gambling quickly became popular and the late 1990s saw a significant increase in the number of people gambling online. Fast forward to 2023 and millions of people around the world have a lot of fun gambling safely online. However, there are many myths that continue to surround online gambling and we look at some of the biggest misconceptions below.

Online Gaming is Not Safe

This is perhaps the biggest misconception of all as online gambling is proven to be extremely safe. Many measures are taken to ensure online gambling is a safe practice and that includes licenses and regulation. Any country or region where online gambling is legal means the websites operating must obtain a license and be open to regulation by the license issuer.

Playing at regulated online casinos and sportsbooks means you will always be safe and can rely on the regulating body to step in should anything happen you believe to be unsafe. The payment methods are safe and many of them come with strong encryption, such as PayPal. If you use PayPal or any other form of online banking for shopping, you know they are safe and online gambling companies offer a wide range of popular payment methods.

Everything is Fixed

When playing online casinos games, there is the feeling the games could be rigged. This is understandable in some ways because casino games such as online slots are virtual games and they are played using technology. The same can be said for virtual games of poker, which is played without a real dealer. However, virtual casino games at licensed online casinos are played used a random number generator.

This ensures the games are fair and the regulator will be monitoring games to ensure they are always played fairly. Any possible fraud committed by the online casino would soon come to the attention of the regulator and would result in the online casino losing its license. Furthermore, all the leading online casinos offer real dealer games and that means you can play with a real person dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel. In terms of online sports betting, the outcome of the event is not controlled by the gambling website. You are solely responsible for placing a winning or losing bet and when it comes to sport, the teams or individuals involved are responsible for the result.

Betting is very Expensive

One of the common online gambling misconceptions is you need a lot of money. You do not have to be rich to gamble online and millions of regular people enjoying online gambling. Many betting sites like those listed on accept deposits from £5 and you can place a bet using just £1 if you wish. So, with a £5 deposit, there is nothing stopping you from placing five different bets on sporting events and if you win, you can choose to use the funds to have another bet or withdraw them to your bank account.

With small deposits available, you can budget exactly how much you would like to spend online gambling each day, week, or month. Much like any other leisure activity, if you cannot afford to do it, then it is time to stop.

Bonuses are a Scam

You will see many online gambling companies offering bonuses to attract players. Some of these can include huge sums of money and seem too good to be true. All the top online gambling companies offer a promotion for new players and they can come in the form of no deposit bonuses, matched deposit bonuses, free bets, and free spins on the slots. None of these offers are scams but you must always read the terms and conditions before you claim the offer.

In some cases, if the offer is a matched deposit bonus of up to £200, you will need to make a deposit of £200 to claim the full amount. If you make a deposit of £10, you will receive £10 as your deposit bonus. This is not a scam and is common practice in the online gambling industry.
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