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TV, Streaming and News

 Gambling Interest On TV, Radio and Online
Latest News
Date Time Mins   Programme   Channel
Every Day 10:00 120   Racing News   Sky Sports Racing
Every Day 18:00 240   Racing Post Greyhound TV   Sky 437 Freesat 250
30th Nov 20:00 175    Film:  Casino Royale   ITV 4
1st Dec 13:05 175   ITV Racing : Newbury Winter Festival   ITV 4
2nd Dec 09:30 60   The Opening Show   ITV 4
2nd Dec 13:30 150   ITV Racing : Newbury and Newcastle   ITV 1
8th Dec 23:35 100    Film:  Poker Face   Sky Cinema Thriller
9th Dec 09:30 60   The Opening Show   ITV 4
9th Dec 13:10 175   ITV Racing : Sandown Park & Aintree   ITV 4
       Upcoming Live Racing on ITV Festival  
1st Dec Fri    Newbury Winter Festival   ITV 4
2nd Dec Sat    Newbury and Newcastle ITV 1
9th Dec Sat    Sandown Park & Aintree   ITV 4
Until TV/Radio NEW      
01/05/24 TV   Rachel Stonehouse explores the issues around women and gambling addiction, both in the UK and around the world.    Women and Gambling      iPlayer
Over 1 Year Radio   The highs and lows of financial trading on smartphone apps    Trading tribulation    Info BBC Sounds
Over 1 Year Radio   Vanilla Ice on Sport’s Strangest Crimes
The Real Story of Shergar the Super Horse   
Info BBC Sounds
Over 1 Year Radio   Fair game? Football Betting On Football (2020)    Info BBC Sounds
Free TV   Aerial Cities Las Vegas 24 (2018)   Info Youtube
 Latest News
On TV Results in
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 14th 2023
 Grand National reduces runners
 addiction risk
Read [Poker][USA] May 30th 2023
 Doyle Brunson dies aged 89
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 New Titles
Latest Results Film Choice
Title Author Added Price
Winning Against the Odds Stuart Wheeler Oct £14.00
The Football Code : Predicting the Beautiful Game James Tippett Nov £11.39
Football Hackers : The Science and Art of a Data Revolution Christoph Biermann Nov £8.51
The Expected Goals Philosophy James Tippett Nov £9.95
FossilMan's Winning Tournament Strategies Greg Raymer Dec £24.99
Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction Dan Gardner Jan £7.13
Poker Satellite Strategy Dara O'Kearney Apr £18.37
Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em Jonathan Little Jun £13.06
The Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb Jul £9.59
The Biggest Bluff Maria Konnikova Sep £13.99
ANGLES & EDGES Bryan Nicholson Apr £19.99
Short Stack Ninja Chris 'Fox' Wallace Apr £5.99
PKO Poker Strategy Dara O'Kearney Oct £14.09
Las Vegas - The Delaplaine 2022 Guide Andrew Delaplaine Jan £11.49
Playing Games With James Bond Matt Sherman Jan £22.92
Play Optimal Poker Andrew Brokos Sep £8.17
The Card Counter Paul Schrader Dec £7.99
Lansky (2021) Eytan Rockaway May £1.43
Backgammon Super Genius Quiz James Vogl Jun £25.00
Might Bite: The Secret Life of a Gambling Addict Patrick Foster Nov £12.46
 Film Review of the Month
Book Pick New On Site
Lansky  Lansky ~ (2021)

Lansky is a 2021 American biographical crime film about the life of Meyer Lansky, a Jewish-American mobster who rose to prominence in the American organized crime syndicate known as Murder, Inc. The film was directed by Eytan Rockaway and stars Harvey Keitel as Lansky, Sam Worthington as David Stone, and AnnaSophia Robb as Lansky's wife, Anne.

This is available for all zones.

Full Review
Marks 6/10
 New on site
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