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How to Choose a Decent Tipster or Tipster Service?
A tipster is a person who is a consultant for predicting sports events, i.e. providing information about sports events for the purpose of betting on them. Tipsters are not people who have ‘insider information’. Of course, in modern sports, there is plenty of match-fixing. However, stop for a moment here and think. Who would sell you a fixed bet with a 20+ odds for £ 50-100. That is only £ 5 of payment and, of course, in such situations, it is a fraud.

In addition, there is a high risk of paying for a fixed match, as it is an illegal act, and you will never find any fixed bet on Facebook or on the web at all that is presented as such. Simply, sending someone a fixed bet in such a way is too risky for everyone, and if you are looking for something similar, give up on it immediately because it is a pure waste of money.

Tipsters are mostly professional bettors, who make a living from it. However, nowadays there are many scammers who just want to make money from other bettors. Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing a tipster service.

There are free services and paid services. The latter is also mostly a scam, except in a situation where a very large number of people work on the service and provide a lot of useful information for betting. Free tipster services are often a very good thing because, with them, it is possible to earn, but also learn a lot about betting.

Are You Tired of Losing Money?

You have probably seen Facebook or Instagram pages/groups of ‘tipsters’, who make huge promises but still ask you for money to join the group. Simply, they are asking for money to send you a betting proposal.

This is currently the most common type of fraud because such groups are led by non-professionals, whose only goal is to extort money. They work on the principle of showing people only what people want to see. In this way, they do not present the real situation. If you participated in a similar group, you saw that it was a waste of time and money. Due to similar situations, it is very important to be rational when choosing a tipster service.

However, there are also tipster services, i.e. professional tipsters, thanks to which you can make a lot of money in the long run. Of course, something similar is hard to find but in this text, you can learn what things to pay attention to. Fair tipster services, in addition to being transparent, teach you about many things such as betting style, discipline, stake distribution and many other things.

It is very important that, when choosing a tipster service, you can see detailed bet analysis in addition to the bets. In this way, you can see for yourself the reasons why a tipster chooses a certain bet, and after reading a few analyses, it is noticeable whether it is a person with a great knowledge of sports and betting or a fraudster. Professional tipster services are basically groups of people with whom you can learn a lot about betting and later, earn money on your own.


It is a very common situation that tipster services do not display their bets transparently and this should be taken into account when choosing a tipster. You need to invest time and analyse what the tipster service offers you to determine that these are tipsters that are transparent and with which you can make money. Additionally, only bet at reliable bookmakers, which are reviewed on When choosing a tipster service, it is important to look at the history of a particular service to determine what kind of people they are.

High ROI, i.e. high profit, does not necessarily mean that they are professionals - it is possible that they are people who have not presented their history transparently. It is very simple - no professional bettor can successfully predict a bet every day. Professional betting is mostly long-term earning where every tipster has both good and bad streaks.

Of course, professional tipsters, no matter how bad they are, always gain in the long run. The reason for this is the choice of bets that have a high value and with which they achieve a high ROI. Nevertheless, if you find a tipster service that has a high ROI (over 20 %) or a very high level of successful bets (over 70 %), it is certain that it is a fraud. The best tipsters in the world have a percentage of successful bets of around 60 %, but with that percentage, they earn a lot of money during the year.

Smart Investment and Bank Management

It is very important to determine the starting bank value when embarking on professional betting and making money. It is probably more important to know how to spread payments and control the money in the account. First of all, you need to open accounts in a minimum of 3 different online bookmakers and allocate your starting bank value to them. That way you can get the highest rates at any time.

Each professional bettor has his own payment distribution system. The best and most common way is to choose a standard stake. This stake should be the 20th part of your total starting bank value. So, if you have paid £ 1,000, the standard stake is £ 1,000/20 = £ 50 per ticket. This does not mean that each ticket will go to a deposit of £ 50, but that most tickets will. Of course, we are sometimes more secure in a certain bet, i.e. we found a bet that has a high value. In that case, the payment will be higher than £ 50. Still, it should be limited. The maximum payment should be 3 standard payments, and the minimum payment should be half of the standard payment.

In the case where the starting bank value is £ 1,000, this would look as follows:
  • Standard stake € 50
  • Minimum stake 25 €
  • Maximum stake 150 €
This is a very effective way of allocating stakes to maximise profits, and the chance of losing the starting bank value is almost non-existent no matter how bad the tipster is.

Betting Style and Discipline

Every decent tipster service, in addition to having tipsters who are great connoisseurs of sports, must have discipline. Discipline is key in betting and this is the reason why many lose money on betting regardless of their knowledge of the sport.

Quite simply, many bettors have come to a situation where for some reason they cannot refrain from playing live or pre-match betting. They play it, for example, because they are currently watching that match and they bet on it even though it has no value. Another situation is that the bettor is bored and spends the whole day playing regardless of whether he knows what he is betting on or not. That way, he pours all his effort that he invested and the money that was in the account down the drain.

Because of this, it is necessary for each bettor to create his own betting system with which he will comply and invest his time analysing the bets, and not to play without a valid reason. Simply set yourself the maximum number of tickets/bets you pay per day. Play only bets that have value.

Conclusion: Carefully choose a tipster service that presents all your bets and that offers the possibility of high earnings. Don’t fall prey to scams and services that show unrealistic profits.

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