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Simple and effective methods for beginner traders

Once you have chosen your trading strategy, before you start trading, you must ensure before each action that certain elements are checked. And you also need to perfect some essential parts of your trading plan.

We will try to list all the essential elements for successful trading here.

Follow the trend

If you buy stock against the displayed trend, you are clearly going against the statistics. But a trend has a very high probability of continuing in the same direction and a much lower probability of stopping to turn around. It is, therefore, better to always follow the trend in place to increase your chances of success.

Watch for a breakout

In trading, the breakout is a breach of a strategic threshold. It's certainly one of the best times to take a stand.

There will most likely be a continuation of the strong movement thereafter. The good breakout will have high transaction volumes and, therefore, high price volatility.

Take advantage of market volatility

So we know that volatility is how the market moves relative to the overall average. Often associated with risk, volatility will, in some form, inspire fear.

We must also understand that it is volatility that will create certain opportunities. Without it prices would maintain their average, and trading would no longer have any interest. The idea is, therefore, to take advantage of significant variations in the asset to position yourself at the best time, whether at entry or exit.

Manage risks well

In trading, the risk is everywhere. Risk, uncertainty, and money together always cause great pressure on the trader. It is, therefore, essential to be prepared and to manage the risk well.

Limiting sudden large losses

And limiting consecutive small losses. For this, solutions must be put in place to limit any large loss and several affiliate losses.

Even if you turn to my training, where I would provide you with different solutions to manage your risk, know that zero risk does not exist on the stock market or in any investment vehicle.

But by managing your risk well, you can easily adapt your risk level and lower it considerably if you wish.

To trade with a liberated mind, you still have to accept a minimum of risk and, above all, the uncertainty of the markets.

Choose reliable broker

However, having a proper trading and risk management strategy put in place is not enough for trading profitably. Before you even start trading, you must opt for a reliable intermediary. This intermediary is, of course, your brokerage platform.

You will need to read brokers’ reviews, such as Kowela Review, to find the best match for your trading activity.

Having the right brokerage service as your trading partner can really move the needle in your trading activity. The things to look for when choosing the platform are good spreads, excellent client support, and easy navigation through the trading dashboard. Finally, check out if the broker is registered at the official financial authority in your country or jurisdiction.
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