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The different factors to consider ahead of
betting on the Grand National
There are many great events in the UK sporting calendar, and the Grand National is one that always attracts attention.

Whether you are a horse racing fanatic or not, this is a race that appeals to the nation. When you combine the history, prize money, and elite competitors involved, it makes for intriguing viewing.

Therefore, all eyes will be on the event in April, and the best Grand National odds from Paddy Power show that Cloth Cap is the 6/1 favourite to land the top prize. However, betting on this race can be difficult, as it’s often an open and unpredictable field.
Of course, the thrill of betting is the fact that you don’t know what will happen, and no matter what research you do, nothing can guarantee you success. That’s more evident in the Grand National than any other race. Yet, there are still ways you can help yourself, and here we look at three factors to take into consideration before you try to pick a winner at Aintree.

Lasting the distance

Even though the course was shortened from 2016, at four miles and two-and-a-half furlongs, this is a mammoth race for everyone involved. So, it’s important that you pick a horse and jockey that you know will be able to last the distance.

That can be done by checking how the horse performs on longer tracks, and particularly how they have finished previous races. It’s always important to finish a race well, but it’s more so in the Grand National, where the horse and jockey are really pushed to their limits.

Dealing with the pressure

As touched upon, this isn’t a standard race, it’s the one that means the most to jockeys and trainers across the planet. It’s no exaggeration to say that winning on April 10th could be life-changing to those involved, as millions of pounds are paid in prize money.

Therefore, it’s important you identify someone who will be able to cope with the pressure that comes with this race. Opting for experience may be the way to go, but in such a tight race, the role of the jockey can be pivotal, and you may benefit from backing someone who has been there and done it before.
Recent form

Another factor that can swing your decision-making is the recent form of the horse. Whilst it shouldn’t be the definitive factor, as certain horses may be held back in time for the big race, it can give you a good indication.

Analysing recent races will give you an insight into how the horse is performing, and importantly whether they are carrying injuries. So, you will know whether they are heading into the Grand National in a good condition.

Ultimately, the Grand National is a fantastic event in British sport, and the race in April promises to be the latest exciting instalment. Once again, punters are sure to be glued to the TV as they seek a winner, as they enjoy the quality that’s on show. Yet, nothing you can do will guarantee success, but these factors could help you land a win on the biggest race in the schedule. 

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