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Activities To Enjoy While Watching The Cricket
Cricket is a great spectator sport whether you are watching live at the match or simply relaxing on the sofa at home. It is not like other sports, though, and there can be lulls in play along with many stoppages (especially in rainy England). This is why many cricket fans like to have a few activities that they can easily enjoy while keeping an eye on the cricket or for times where there is no action happening. There are all kinds of different activities to try, so keep reading for a few ideas that will hopefully help to improve your next viewing experience.

Follow The Action Online

While watching the cricket, you might find it interesting and useful to follow the action online. Many major sports websites have ongoing commentary and people sending messages in, which can be helpful in terms of seeing what other people think of the match and could help you to know what to look out for during the rest of the match. You might also find that places like Twitter and Reddit can be fun to check or even engage in while the match unfolds.

Listen To The Commentary

It can be easy to block out the commentary while watching cricket, but actually, it can be very interesting and often allows you to pick up on things that most people will miss. Not only this, but the commentary can also be good-humoured and engaging, so it is always worth listening out to what they have to say throughout the match.

Online Poker

For slow periods of the match, tea breaks or when it is raining, you will want to find an activity that you can enjoy while still relaxing on the sofa. Online poker is one of the best activities for this time as it is engaging enough to keep you entertained but also easy enough to stop once play resumes. Online poker can also be great fun, you can find places with realistic gameplay and a wide range of features to improve your online poker experience.

Crosswords and Puzzles

Another activity that is ideal while watching the cricket is crosswords and other similar puzzles. As above, this is an activity that will keep you entertained but not take up too much mental energy and you can take your time with crosswords, which is perfect for an afternoon on the sofa watching a match and enjoying snacks and a few drinks.

Try To Work Out Tactics

Cricket is a great spectator sport because you can just sit back and watch the action unfold or you can take a more active role and try to see the strategy and tactics that both sides are using. Cricket is a sport that is highly tactical and it is interesting to see this unfold over an entire day or series - if you are struggling to work out the tactics, you should find that the commentators will help or you could look online.

This should give you a few ideas for activities that you can enjoy while the cricket is on and hopefully help to improve your experience.

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