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Guerassim Nikolov Discusses Responsible Gambling
Gambling can be a fun and exciting way to pass some time, either alone or with friends, at a casino or racetrack, or in the comfort of your own home online. Gambling encourages a natural high, causing the body to release floods of hormones including endorphins and adrenalin, even when the gambler is losing.

For people with good self-control, this makes gambling an enjoyable past-time. However, there are always those that will become addicted to the high and gamble irresponsibly, which in the long-term can have devastating consequences.

Bookmakers and other gambling establishments will of course want to encourage the highest number of customers to place as many bets as possible, as that is the nature of their business, but this does not necessarily mean they are encouraging irresponsible gambling.

Guerassim Nikolov is the founder of SportPesa, where all members of staff are trained in Responsible Gambling and Social Responsibility awareness and plenty of helpful advice is provided to help customers stay within their own reasonable limits.

Treat Gambling as an Entertainment Expense

Gambling is designed to be a form of entertainment, rather than something which creates a stream of income. People who gamble more than they can afford – thinking they will win big – are often the ones who end up dealing with gambling addiction or problem gambling.

Budgeting for gambling should be done in the same way as budgeting for any event, treat or night out and treated as an affordable expense, such as buying a cinema ticket. The way gambling works is that the house will always win eventually; anyone who goes in thinking they will consistently make money will eventually be shown they are mistaken.

Set Limits

To avoid throwing good money after bad, it is important to set limits before beginning to gamble. This can be easy if going to a physical establishment such as a racetrack, football match or casino, as the money can be taken in cash in a finite amount. Taking measures such as leaving bank cards and credit cards at home can help curb any desires that may occur in the moment to spend more than you can afford.

When gambling online, most sites will allow customers to set limits and send them warnings when they near or exceed those limits to help remind them when to stop. The same goes for setting time limits; it is easier to lose more money if you sit and gamble for hours on end.

Choose Your Game

A large part of choosing where you gamble is finding a game that you enjoy. This might be watching a sporting event and betting on the outcome, playing games of luck such as roulette or slots, or playing games that are more skill-based such as poker.

No matter what game you choose, learn the rules and learn the odds so you can bet accordingly. Poker might offer some of the best odds at the casino for some hands, but there are other hands that offer the worst possible odds. Don’t start playing a game with real money until you understand how it works.

Time-Out and Self-Exclusion

SportPesa offers every customer the option to take a time-out or enter a self-exclusion period. During this time, the company takes measures to disallow any new accounts being set up with the same personal information and does not send any promotional or marketing materials to that customer. This can be a great option for anyone worried that their gambling might be getting out of hand, or who wants to set definite limits for themselves that cannot be broken.

If you are worried about your (or someone else’s) gambling, there is help available. For more information, visit

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