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What Is Best Odds Guaranteed
and is it good for business?
Unlike online casinos where bonus offerings are anything but positive for punters, incentives to become a customer of online bookmakers are generally a cash positive for players. Without actually giving you free money, the Best Odds Guarantee, or BOG, from UK bookmakers is the most favourable bonus offering that you as a player will encounter. This is because it incurs absolutely no risk to you whatsoever and can reward you when you least expect it.

What Is Best Odds Guaranteed?

Many of the larger online bookmakers (you will not find this offer in betting shops) offer their players the guarantee that if the horse they have backed wins, or places for each-way bets, at a higher starting price than the price they took at the time of placing their bet, then they will receive the higher price for their payout. So for example if you back Raffle Prize in the 14:25 at Newmarket for £100 at Evens (pays 1 for 1) and it goes on to win but returns an S.P. (starting price) of 11/8, then you win £137.50 instead of £100 if your bookmaker offered you BOG on this race.

When To Look Out For BOG

The price of any horse can drift in the market but it is less likely with horses that start at double-digit prices like 16-1. Even if you see these horses drifting on the exchanges the bookmakers will rarely lift them in this range unless the animal is missing a leg. But if you are keen to seek out popular horse racing naps then you will most often be betting on the favourite or second favourite in the race and hence quite a short price. These horses have the greatest potential for drifting after you have backed them when all the frenzy of early betting has died down and the big money enters the betting market just before a race. In these cases where you have benefitted from BOG and your bet wins it is advised to log into you account and make sure you have been awarded the higher price as sometimes the bet settlers “forget” to amend your bet with the guaranteed price.

What Is BOG offered on?

Horse racing and Greyhound racing by UK facing bookmakers. The market is very competitive in the UK and they are desperate to compete for your business.

Is BOG limited in payouts?

Yes. All bookmakers will stipulate in their small print that there is an upper limit beyond which they will not pay you at the increased odds. For the little bookmakers this could be as low as £200 but for most it is ten or twenty thousand pounds.

Does BOG apply to all races?

No, although for the major outfits they do say in their rules that they offer it on all UK races and most of the big races around the world like the Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe or Kentucky Derby and many others. Some of the smaller bookmakers advertising BOG will have limited BOG coverage and will only offer it on one meeting in a day. Your bet slip should say BOG on it in these cases so do keep that in mind.

Can bookmakers stop giving you BOG?

Yes. The smaller the bookmaker the quicker they will be to recind this offer. For them it was just a come and join-up offer and once they have got you they take it away. For the larger firms they generally stick to it unless you appear to be a good punter and then they will take away all the early benefits they gave. A few of the big boys keep it going until you prive to good for them.

Is BOG good for business?

No. This offer looks good for everyday punters and indeed it is. But the effect of giving BOG to all players is put bookies off from giving you a large bet on the short price horses. Imagine 2 horses at 2-1 in early trading on any race day. If one shortens and the other drifts to 5-2 then they stand to loose on the whole race as most of the money they take will be on these 2 horses. They will be paying either 2-1 or 5-2 on the likely winner of the race and the action on the other horses will not make up for it. So they restrict the size of bets until just before the off of the race when the exchanges start taking much of the action away from them. The result is that big punters simply can't get bets on until race time when they go elsewhere. Hence bookies see less and less return from horse racing and the whole business of racing suffers from it.


Always bet with bookies that are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.
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