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Find an online betting or casino site that suits your needs
In a world where everything is at your fingertips, betting & playing your favourite casino games online has never been easier.

The best online betting experiences can vary depending on your preferences, with the ease of use of a mobile app, the speed and user journey to placing a bet, and the simplicity of depositing and withdrawing funds are all key factors. You can find a list of online betting sites at Ace Betting Sites.

Of course, there are the important security features too, such as protecting your login and maximum spending limits, which you can adjust yourself.

Placing a bet is relatively straightforward, but here’s some tips to help the process: Simply select the market you want, choose an outcome and select a stake. The minimum stakes varies from site to site, and you will have to deposit funds into your account. Some sites may give you free bets when signing up.

Three types of betting odds

There are three types of betting odds - fractional, decimal and American. Fractional odds contain a hyphen, such as 10/1, which means that for every £1 you stake, you will receive £10 profit. Decimal odds are shown like 10.00, which shows how much you will win for every £1 you stake. So in this instance, you would win £10. American odds, which are only available on certain sites, have a minus sign for favourites and a positive sign for underdogs.

One thing to consider is the accessibility of what you want to bet on. If it’s a certain sport, or maybe a couple of different sports, check that the online betting site you are thinking of choosing to use covers that sport, and also offers a decent number of markets. For instance, some sites offer first goalscorer or first tryscorer markets, but some don’t. Others regularly have outright markets, such as choosing the winner of a competition, while others don’t.

You may also want to think about the enjoyment you might get out of “live” betting. Do you want the option to cash out while watching a game? Maybe you want to place bets during a game and see how their odds change in real-time.

Accumulators are very popular, because they can provide big wins off little stakes. Though of course, that is because they are more of a challenge to call! The ease in which you can add multiple games to an accumulator should be considered when choosing the site. Some sites, like Sky Bet, have a dedicated accumulator page so that you can see all games on a certain day or from a certain market for you to select.

Stick to the familiar

The important thing is to stick with what’s familiar to you. There are a plethora of markets to look at, but while you are gaining experience with online betting, it’s best to just stick to sports and leagues that you know, because as well as giving you a better chance of winning, it will also help you to pick up some of the nuances of betting quicker.

A lot of sites do have some background information for you to consider, such as form, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing your own research.

Most online betting sites give you the facility to check your betting history. Sure, it may not be a pretty read at times, but it will enable you to analyse where you’re going right and where you’re going wrong. What sports are you most successful at? What sort of markets are best for you?

There is a lot of variation to sports & casino betting, so make sure you find an online betting or casino site that suits your needs and enables you to learn as you go. If you're looking for the latest cutting edge casino games then you should consider Canadian allvideoslots which have an array of slot machines in addition to your classic casino games & sports betting markets.


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