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A-Z of Books

A=Advanced E=Everyman I=Informative N=Novel P=People P = Poker

A  A Bloody Good Winner Dave Nevison A E I  
 A Darker Side of the Felt Tylers Nals E N  
 Aces and Kings Michael Kaplan A E I P
 Ace on the River Barry Greenstein A E I P
 Addicted To Horseracing Norton Howells E
 Against the Gods Peter L. Bernstein A
 Against the Odds David-Lee Priest A E I
 Aiding and Abetting Muriel Spark N
 All In Mitchell Symons N
 American Roulette Richard Marcus A E I
 An Arm & Four Legs Stan Hey E
 An Occupational Hazard James Wrethman E I
 Angles and Edges Bryan Nicholson A
 The Art of Bookmaking Malcolm Boyle A E I
B  Backgammon - 501 Problems Bill Robertie A
 Backgammon : Endgame Technique Michihito A I
 Backgammon for Serious Players Bill Robertie A
 Backgammon : From Basics to Badass Marc Brockmann I
 Backgammon Super Genius Quiz James Vogl A
 Bad Bet Timothy L. O'Brien E
 Bad Beats and Lucky Draws Phil Hellmuth E
 Basic Blackjack Stanford Wong A
 Beat the Dealer Edward Oakley Thorp A
 Beat the Odds Tim Phillips A
 Beating the Wheel Russell T. Barnhart A
 Bets in the City Sally Nicoll E
 Betting on Two Year Olds Nick Attenborough E
 The Big Con David Maurer E
 Big Deal Anthony Holden E P
 Bigger Deal Anthony Holden E P
 The Biggest Bluff Maria Konnikova E I P
 The Biggest Game in Town A. Alvarez E I P
 Blackbelt in Blackjack Arnold Snyder A
 The Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb A
 The Book of Bluffs Matt Lessinger A E P
 Born to Punt Steve Palmer E
 Breaking Vegas Ben Mezrich E
 Bringing Down the House Ben Mezrich E
 Burning The Tables in Las Vegas Ian Andersen A
C  Card Manipulations Jean Hugard E
 Championship No-Limit & Pot-Limit Hold'em T. J. Cloutier A P
 Check-Raising the Devil Mike Matusow E P
 The Cincinnati Kid Richard Jessup N P
 Conquering Risk Elihu D. Feustel A
 Cribbage Reiner Knizia A
 Crossing the Line Charlie Brooks E
 Cutting the Wire David G. Schwartz A
D  Dangerous Odds Marisa Lankester E
 The Definitive Guide to Betting on Horses Nick Pulford E
 The Dice Man Luke Rhinehart E
 Dice Games Frank & Simon Buttler E
 Dice Games Old and New William E Tredd E
 Dick Francis : Three Complete Novels Dick Francis N
 Dick Francis Omnibus 1 Dick Francis N
 Dick Francis Omnibus 2 Dick Francis N
 Dirty Poker Richard Marcus A E P
 Dominate No-limit Hold'em Danny Ashman A E P
E  Eudaemonic Pie Thomas A. Bass A
 Easy Money David Spanier E I
 Eclipse Nicholas Clee E I
 The Education of a Modern Poker Player John Billingham I P
 The Education of a Poker Player N P
 Enemy Number One Patrick Veitch E I
 Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em Jonathan Little A P
 The Expected Goals Philosophy James Tippett A I
 The Expert at the Card Table S.W. Erdnase E
 Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold'em: volume 1 Will Tipton A P
 Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold'em: volume 2 Will Tipton A P
 Extra Stuff : Gambling Ramblings Peter Griffin A
F  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson N
 Felt Hopper : Vegas Tyler Nals E P
 Field of Thirteen Dick Francis N
 Financial Spread Betting Handbook Malcolm Pryor E
 Finding An Edge Ron Loftus E
 Fooled by Randomness Nassim Nicholas Taleb I
 The Football Code James Tippett A I
 Football Hackers Christoph Biermann A
 For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker Victoria Coren E P
 Fortune's Formula William Poundstone E
 FossilMan's Winning Tournament Strategies Greg Raymer E P
 14 Million to One Graham Sharpe E
 Freud on Course Clement Freud E
 From the Mill to Monte Carlo Anne Fletcher E
G  The Gamblers John Pearson E
 The Gambler's Guide to the World Jesse May E
 Gambling Mike Atherton A E
 Gambling For Life Harry Findlay E I P
 Getting the Best of It David Sklansky A
 Great Card Tricks Reiner Knizia E
 The Great Casino Heist Richard Marcus E
H  Harrington on Cash Games Vol 1 Dan Harrington A I P
 Harrington on Cash Games Vol 2 Dan Harrington A I P
 Harrington on Hold 'em Vol 1 Dan Harrington A I P
 Harrington on Hold 'em Vol 2 Dan Harrington A I P
 Harrington on Hold 'em Vol 3 Dan Harrington A I P
 Harrington on Online Cash Games Dan Harrington A I P
 The Hidden Mathematics of Sport Rob Eastaway E
 High Stakes Nigel Goldman E P
 How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar Joseph Buchdahl A E I
 How to Predict the Unpredictable William Poundstone A E I
 How to Take a Penalty John Haigh E
 How to Win at Greyhound Betting Samuel Blankson E
 How to Win the World Series of Poker Pat Walsh E I
I  Interception Ed Miller, Matthew Davidow A E I
 Its My Party Cindy Blake E
J  Jenny Pitman Jenny Pitman E
 John Daly John Daly E I P
 Jonny Magic David Kushner E I P
L  Lay the Favourite Beth Raymer E
   Las Vegas - 2022 Guide Andrew Delaplaine E I
   Liar's Poker Michael Lewis E
   A Licence To Print Money Jamie Reid E I
   The Logic Of Sports Betting Ed Miller, Matthew Davidow A E I
M  Man Buys Dog David Matthews E
   The Man Behind the Shades Nolan Dalla I P
   The Man Who Invented Las Vegas W. R. Wilkerson III E
   The Man With the $100,000 Breasts Michael Konik E
   The Making Of A Poker Player Matt Matros I P
   Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em Jonathan Little A I P
   Mathematics of Games and Gambling Edward W. Packel A I
   Might Bite Patrick Foster E
   Moneymaker Chris Moneymaker E P
   Monsieur X Jamie Reid E
   Moorman's Book of Poker Chris Moorman E I P
   Murder in Sin City Jeff German E
N  nine mil Rob Ryan N
   No Limit Hold 'em David Sklansky A I P
O  One of a Kind Nolan Dalla A E P
   Online Ace Scott Fischman A I P
P  Peak Poker Performance Jonathan Little E P
 The Perfect Punter Dave Farrar) E
 The Players : The Men Who Made Las Vegas Jack Sheehan E
 Play Poker Like the Pros Phil Hellmuth A I P
 PKO Poker Strategy Dara O'Kearney A I P
 Playing Games with James Bond Matt Sherman E  
 Play Optimal Poker Andrew Brokos E P
 Poker Nation Andy Bellin E I P
 Poker Satellite Strategy Dara O'Kearney A E I P
 Poker's Strangest Hands Graham Sharpe A E I P
 Positive Poker Jonathan Little A E I P
 Precision: Mathematical Methods in Horse Racing C X Wong A E I
 Probability Guide to Gambling Catalin Barboianu A
 Professional Blackjack Stanford Wong A
 Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King Michael Craig E P
Q  The Quotable Gambler Paul Lyons E
R  The Raiser's Edge Bertrand Grospellier A P
 Repeat Until Rich Josh Axelrad E
S  Scams Schemes Scumbags Pat Silver-Lasky E
 Secrets of non-Standard Sit n gos Phil Shaw I P
 Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: vol. 1 Jonathan Little I P
 Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: vol. 2 Jonathan Little I P
 Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: vol. 3 Jonathan Little I P
 Secrets of Short-handed Pot-limit Omaha Rolf Slotboom I P
 Short Stack Ninja Chris 'Fox' Wallace A P
 Shut Up And Deal Jesse May E N P
 Six Secrets of Successful Bettors Frank R. Scatoni E
 Smart Money Michael Konik E
 Soccermatics David Sumpter E
 Sporting Chancer Ed Hawkins E
 Statistical Sports Models in Excel Andrew Mack A
 SuperForecasting Dan Gardner A
 Super System II Doyle Brunson A P
 The Sure Thing Nick Townsend E
 Swayne's Making a Living Playing Hold'Em Charley Swayne A P
 Swimming With the Devil Fish Des Wilson E P
T  Taking Chances John Haigh A
 The Burning Felt Tylers Nals E N
 The Fix Declan Hill E
 The Perfect Bet:
 How Science and Maths are Taking the Luck Out of Gambling
Adam Kucharski A
 The Theory of Blackjack Peter Griffin A
 The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic Richard Epstein A
 The Man Behind the Shades Nolan Dalla E P
 Thinking in Bets Annie Duke A
 Thirteen Against the Bank Norman Leigh N
 Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bet on Everything Kevin Cook E
 Training and Racing the Greyhound Darren Morris E
 Twelve Grand Jonathan Rendall E
U  Ugly Americans Ben Mezrich E
W  What's Luck Got to Do with It? Joseph Mazur A E I P
   What Really Happens in Vegas James Patterson E I P
 Wheel of Fortune Archie Morrison A E I P
 Winning Against The Odds Stuart Wheeler E I P
 The World's Greatest Gambling Scams Richard Marcus A E I P
This our A-Z of Gambling Books which is comprehensive. There are many other gambling books out there including many how to win books which are simply rubish. If you think you know of a book that deserves to be in the list of top gamblig books then please do email us.
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