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Backgammon Super Genius Quiz
Backgammon Super Genius Quiz
by James Vogl

Subtitle : Take on 12 of the best then get an insight into their thinking.

The 100 backgammon problems in this book were presented to the strongest dozen backgammon players ever assembled, in the same way that you will see them - 10 sets of 10 questions, divided by category, from openings to primes to endgames. They were given ten minutes per section. The genius with the most correct answers to scoop a $5,000 first prize and the inaugural Super-Genius title. Second place to take $1,000.

To see how you fare versus the geniuses, under the same conditions, take up to 10 minutes per problem set found at the start of each chapter and keep track of your score from the answers provided by eXtreme Gammon which follow.

XG tells you the answer, but does not tell you why. Aref Alipour, Bob Wachtel, David Wells, Dirk Schiemann, Hideaki Ueuda, Joe Russell, Mochy, Ryan Rebelo, Sander Lylloff, Sebastian Wilkinson, Wilcox Snellings and Znedek Zizka will.

Whilst this book is suitable for intermediate, advanced and expert players, your "average” Grandmaster would have his/her work cut out in this field, which includes the 1988 and reigning World Champions, the UBC champion, and the number 1 & 2 rated players on Backgammon Galaxy (who are just 19 and 23 years-old).

"I'm glad backgammon is far easier than this quiz!" - Mochy

"Greatest bg book ever for advanced players" - Rolf Schreuder

Paperback - 470 pages (8 Feb 2022)  Book £25.00     

James Bond

Playing Games with James Bond
Playing Games With James Bond
by Matt Sherman

Author Matt Sherman, one of the world's top Bond experts, draws from a lifetime of James Bond knowledge and intimate friendships with many of the Bond cast and crew. Enjoy his playful patter about Bond’s games, insider stories and games between the games. Let’s play!

* Chapters for every Bond film (all 27 of them!) offer fascinating details and new insights

* Test your Bond knowledge as each chapter features game challenges, fun activities and exotic trivia

* Read behind the scenes stories from Bond celebrities, Bond locations tours and more

* Relish tidbits about Ian Fleming's world and all 48 of the James Bond books

* Extensive illustrations fill this glossy volume

Paperback - 135 pages (8 Aug 2020)  Book £22.92     


Endgame TechniqueEndgame Technique (Backgammon Odyssey)
by Michihito Kageyama (Author), Roland Herrera (Author), Ayako Odate (Translator)

"Endgame Technique," the second book in the Backgammon Odyssey Series, describes the tactics about bearing in and off. It also covers the technique on how to play holding games.

Another wonderful book from Michy! It covers every kind of endgame including with and without contact and how to play after hitting a shot in the endgame. Michy teaches fundamental rules and proverbs for different kinds of endgames. I learned a lot, particularly about ace point and deuce point endgames. Surprising how different correct plays against each of these is.

As in Michy's first book, Opening Concepts, the rules of thumb in Endgame Technique are not literally proverbs. But who cares about the nomenclature--they're useful aids to choosing the right play in endgame positions. They help us play well in closeout positions, and against anchors on our 1, 2, or 3 point. Some post-contact endgame positions are also covered (and quite well), and also some other situations. Top for intermediates.

Paperback - 223 pages (28 Mar 2019)   £40.00     



backgammon from beginner to badassBackgammon: From Basics to Badass
by Olsen MBO, Mr. Marc Brockmann

"Backgammon – From basics to badass" is the cutting edge, modern backgammon book, which teaches you all the basic concepts and principles in the game. It beats the older backgammon theory books by a mile. It starts out softly, but don't let this fool you! The book is full of insights from a true expert. .

The philosophy is a thorough and well structured learning, which leaves you no gaps in your game comprehension, as well as bringing new theory to the backgammon literature, for instance ”the value-equation” and probability tables on jumping primes.

The best that I have read for an Intermediate player wanting to improve. If you have been playing for a while and are making moves that your gut tells you are wrong but you don’t know why, after reading this book you will realise why you have been going wrong. It is well structured focussing on key concepts. Makes the points with out the waffle.

Paperback - 320 pages (14 May 2015)   £19.99     



Dice Games Old and NewDice Games New and Old
by William E Tredd

Nice collection of games but some some explanation are fuzzy or not explained enough. Does not have Farkle but you can look that easily here.

William Tredd has collected dice games from many nations for this book, but he has also invented new games which are published here for the first time, including his celebrated ‘World Cup Football’ and ‘Melbourne Three Boards’..

From royalty and nobility, the passion for dice spread to all social levels. and gambling with dice has ruined Chinese scholars, North American Indian braves and Italian noblemen, as well as affecting the lives of the Canterbury pilgrims, according to Chaucer, and the gutter-friends of the poet Villon.

Ivory, bone, gold and silver dice in the world’s museums are evidence that dice games have been discovered in every country and at every epoch.

Paperback - 82 pages (2 Aug. 2013)   £5.99     



One Jump AheadOne Jump Ahead
by Jonathan Schaeffer

The book requires no technical knowledge of computers or of draughts (and to an extent if one approaches it expecting technical insights in to either one will be disappointed).

Deep Blue was not the first computer to take on a world champion in a beloved game. In August 1994 the greatest checkers player who ever lived, a 67-year-old born-again math professor named Dr. Marion Tinsley, faced the toughest challenge of a long career: Chinook, a.k.a. The Beast, a program written by obsessed Canadian computer scientist Jonathan Schaeffer. Wisely downplaying the technical side of his odyssey to make a computer into a world champion, the author focuses instead on a personal quest that began when he figured that others were too far ahead of him in chess -- so why not take on checkers? His brainchild does so well that he can see, all too clearly, its almost tragic effect on the cloistered society of checkers -- and on his fellow human beings.

In practice it's such a good read as the story is well told and gathers momentum the nearer the author gets to the goal.
Jonathan Schaeffer is the man behind the new Poker playing bots and more can be read about this at the Editor's Page

Hardcover - 496 pages (Mar 1998)   £25.65     


Improve Your Backgammon
by Paul Lamford

Improve Your Backgammon is the ideal book for those looking to advance from the basics and build a better understanding of the intricacies of backgammon. In this book, ex-British champion Paul Lamford follows on from his earlier book, Starting Out in Backgammon, to develop further the strategies needed to master this fascinating game. * Revolutionary layout allows readers to absorb the key ideas * Numerous test positions help players gauge their progress * Explains how strong backgammon players deal with typical problems

Paperback - 128 pages (23 January, 2003)
expected price £10.39 Buy This Book  [U$10.47]


501 Essential Backgammon Problems
by Bill Robertie

The problems are typical of positions that appear in everyday backgammon and not unusual or tricky positions that an expert may get wrong. The difficulty of the problems range from very easy to hard with the majority in the intermediate/advanced level. It's target audience is everybody from beginner to expert level. The only group that maybe wouldn't find many parts of this book valuable would be world class players, but even they would add this to their collection. A must for a potential world class player and monster value at the price.

Paperback - 360 pages (November 1999)  expected price £11.96 Buy This Book

Backgammon for Serious Players
by Bill Robertie

The five sample games give some good insight on tactics to be used in modern backgammon. The author explains why moves are better than others, gives alternative plays and the general principles behind them. Some interesting comments are made on how to play the cube in the situation deriving from the sample games. Getting good at backgammon requires to study as many matches as possible and this book will give some material to start with. It is recommended to read the book several times as it brings a new understand each time. Some occasional mistakes in the diagrams and notations might make the reading a bit difficult for the beginner at times if he's not able to spot them!

Paperback - 256 pages ( 1 December, 1997)  expected price £10.17 Buy This Book
Cribbage: How to Play and Win
by Reiner Knizia

This guide to Cribbage first introduces the game to those who have never played, then explains its intricacies to more experienced players and gives advice for improving the chances of winning. The book describes the six-card and five-card games in detail and shows numerous card combinations.  See Cibbage Section

Paperback - 111 pages ( 5 October, 2000)  expected price £7.99   Buy This Book
Card Manipulations
by Jean Hugard
This is an excellent collection of card sleights and a few tricks. My only complaint is that some of its methods require every ounce of your attention to comprehend them. Not completely clear in some areas but other than that it is excellent!

Paperback - (15 April, 1974)  expected price £6.68   Buy This Book
Great Card Tricks
by Reiner Knizia
Most of the card tricks shown in this book require no sleight of hand, so it should be suitable for beginners. For more advanced players, six sleights and their numerous variations are explained. The book shows how to control a card, how to make false cuts and how to force a card. It also shows the drop sleight and the double lift, and how to baffle an audience by apparently reading their minds, identifying a chosen card, turning one card into another, moving cards around, and finding all the aces.

Paperback - 128 pages (30 March, 1996)  expected price £3.99   Buy This Book
The Expert at the Card Table
S.W. Erdnase
This is the famous first book on card magic. It makes no excuses for being originally written as a way to cheat at cards for money. A few of the sleights have been updated since, you wouldn't want to deal from bottom as described within, and you wouldn't want to deal seconds as described here either, but the rest is pure magic. This only deals with 'PURE' card manipulation, no dodgy decks for erdnase. If you are prepared to put in the practise, and you want to be more impressive than David Blane, buy this book, if you want quick easy magic, but only being able to do one trick, buy a svengali deck. by the way, S.W. Erdnase is actually E.S. Andrews backwards. A professional gambler and cardsharp of the early 1900's.

Paperback - 130 pages (23 November, 1995)  expected price £5.69    Buy This Book

Dice Games Properly Explained
by Frank & Simon Buttler
Everyone plays and enjoys dice games - dice have been used for longer than playing cards as a source of amusement. This book goes a long way to explaining why: the sheer diversity of ways that dice can be used to play games is reflected here. Reiner Knizia has assembled some eighty dice games, together with an equal number of variations and game variants, to produce a singularly entertaining book. The games range from historical favourites, through popular pub and parlour games, betting (casino) games and even some original designs by the author himself.

Paperback - 224 pages ( 2 November, 1999)  expected price £3.99    Buy This Book

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