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Blackjack Books

Beat The DealerBeat the Dealer
by Edward Oakley Thorp

Edward O. Thorp was a mathematics professor, author, hedge fund manager, and blackjack player. A pioneer in modern applications of probability theory, Thorp s bestselling book, Beat the Dealer, mathematically proved that the house advantage in blackjack could be overcome by card counting.

Some reviewers are missing something: this is still an essential purchase. Much of the detail can't be found elsewhere. There are ideas here which can still be used to devastating effect on occassion. Most modern texts dwell on the dry detail of card-counting: Thorp has that kind of visionary mind which is always searching for the big score. In addition it reads like a thriller (and you would'nt believe some of the stuff Thorp could'nt put in!). The card-counting systems are obsolete now, but I very much doubt anyone would make it as a pro counter without familiarizing themselves with the material here. Its worth buying for the sake of completeness if you have a collection of Blackjack books.

Paperback - 220 pages (12 April 1966)   £10.83    $11.80 

Repeat Until RichRepeat Until Rich
by Josh Axelrad

'I was thrown out of my first casino in spring of 2000. In the years since then I've kept playing and kept winning, in wigs, under aliases, from behind fake glasses. I've been chased across casino floors; followed outdoors by crazed goons with drawn weapons; pursued in a car at high speeds; and, placed wrongfully under arrest. Casinos continue to provide my entire income, along with free rooms, Champagne, and, most important, a mission in life. The heat, this business of getting thrown out, hasn't kept me away from the action at all; it's the very force that keeps me coming back'.

"Repeat Until Rich" is the hotly awaited true adventure of how an average Joe in a dead-end spreadsheet job took to the road as a member of a blackjack card-counting gang taking millions of dollars from casinos across the US. Josh was an Ivy League graduate who grudgingly started a regular life before a chance meeting at a party changed his life forever. This is a brilliantly written memoir first and gambling book second - a universal tale of an everyday guy's unexpected exit into a mysterious and dangerous underworld from which there's no going back. It is a story about finding meaning in a crazed ongoing battle far from the dull and comfortable confines of the 9 to 5 world.

Paperback - 320 pages (22 April 2010)   £6.49    $17.13 

Princes of DarknessPrinces of Darkness: The World of High Stakes Blackjack
by Carl Sampson

"Princes of Darkness" delves into the murky and secretive world of the professional Blackjack player. In a three-year period, Carl Sampson and his team took the casinos for a seven-figure sum and now he reveals how they did it. Carl Sampson started out working a croupier in the gaming industry but - frustrated at being overlooked for promotion - he determined to take them on and beat them at their own game.

Princes of Darkness recounts the story of how he developed a system, put a team together, found a wealthy backer and went to work. As well as giving the reader a glimpse of this fascinating twilight world, Carl Sampson also explains in detail his Blackjack systems, including: a definitive guide to card counting; how to master the complex art of shuffle tracking; and how to implement evasion techniques.

Paperback - 272 pages (23 Oct 2006)   £7.25    $13.57 

The Great Casino Heist by Richard Marcus
One of a select band of the world's greatest professional cheats, Richard Marcus toured the gambling cultures of Las Vegas, London and Monte Carlo, winning huge sums of money from casinos by elaborate sleight-of-hand tricks with gaming chips. He and his gang were great tacticians, backing up their moves with psychological set-ups to convince pit bosses that they were watching legitimate high rollers getting lucky, while in fact their casinos were being robbed blind. Here, for the first time, Richard Marcus tells his outrageous tale of a lifetime spent cheating casinos. Richard Marcus opens up the doors into the mysterious, exciting and glamorous world of the high rollers with this absolute page-turner.

Paperback - 384 pages (March 13, 2005)  expected price £7.19 Buy This Book

Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong
Generally considered to be the definitive text for professional card counting. Wong first describes Basic Generic Strategy which allows the reader to maximise his position without actually counting cards, he then goes on to describe the Hi-Lo system of card counting. The great thing about this book is that it provides betting strategies for pretty much every variation of casino blackjack, along with statistical analyses of average profit and variation per 100 hands played

Paperback - 352 pages (March 1994)  expected price £12.69 Buy This Book

Top bookBurning The Tables in Las Vegas--Keys to Success in Blackjack and in Life by Ian Andersen
In the mid-1970s, Ian Andersen wrote Turning the Tables on Las Vegas, the classic book on casino comportment. As the first book to broach the all-important consideration of how to get away with getting the money, Turning was the book that launched a thousand blackjack careers. After its publication, however, Andersen disappeared from the scene. Where did he go? The answer is spelled out in this long-awaited sequel, Burning the Tables in Las Vegas--Keys to Success in Blackjack and in Life.

Hardcover - 305 pages (January 1999) expected price £17.08 Buy This Book

Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong
This book presents basic strategy and expected value for almost every unusual rule variation ever offered. Examples of rules covered: no hole card to dealer, doubling down on three or more cards, splitting when there is a bet riding that will go on one hand and not have to be matched with a like bet on the other hand, early surrender, five-card hands can be turned in for a half win, over/under, multiple action, double exposure. Basic Blackjack also contains interesting tables, such as: probabilities of final dealer totals by upcard; probability of untied naturals by number of decks; and which hands have a positive expected value, by dealer upcard. Wong's writing stye is clear and easy to read.

    Publisher: - Pi Yee Press 
    Paperback - 256 pages (September 1992) 
    Buy the book UK Amazon £7.73  U$10.17 from Amazon USA


The Theory of Blackjack : The Complete Card Counter's Guide to the Casino Game of 21 by Peter Griffin
This classic work on the mathematics of blackjack provides insight into the methods and numbers behind the development of today's card-counting systems. It contains the most complete and accurate basic strategy, covering any number of decks and the most commonly encountered rules. This book is considered the bible for serious blackjack players

    Publisher: - Atlantic Books 
    Paperback - 270 pages (February 1999)  
    Buy the book UK Amazon £6.69  U$11.98 from Amazon USA


Blackbelt in Blackjack : Playing 21 As a Martial Art
by Arnold Snyder

This book offers variety of insights to blackjack and provides information for all levels of players. It is a great reference book and a good start off book for the beginner. For the proficient player, it offers a great level 2 system. But, then again, if you're good, you already have this book, don't ya?

    Publisher: - Cardoza Publishing,U.S. 
    Paperback - 328 pages (September 2005)  
    Buy the book UK Amazon £7.73  U$11.53 from Amazon USA


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