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Spread Betting

The Financial Spread Betting HandbookThe Financial Spread Betting Handbook by Malcolm Pryor

This book is strongly recommend this book to anyone who is planning on starting spread betting. Malcolm Pryor writes in an easy to follow style without being patronising or verbose. He covers everything that a novice needs to know in order to make the decision about whether spread betting is going to be for them. He offers practical advice with an emphasis on risk management and suggests some trading strategies which are simple to understand.

Good is the way he continually refers to the characteristics of a successful spread better compared to those of someone who isn't. For this reason I would also recommend this book for someone who has been trading for a while but would like to improve their win ratio.

The book is full of helpful tips and each chapter has a concise summary of the points made. The chapter entitled "Common and Really Expnsive Spread Betting Errors" is a real gem and worth the price of the book itself. People gain much from reading this book and I am sure that others whether novice or experienced traders will also be impressed with its clarity and comprehensive coverage of the subject of Spread Betting.

Paperback - 320 pages (18 July 2011)  £24.49
Kindle - 314 pages (22 July 2011) £22.00 


Born to Punt: Steve Palmer's Betting YearBorn to Punt: Steve Palmer's Betting Year by Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer is that rare commodity, a journalist with a huge and very loyal following for his regular columns in the "Racing Post". His many thousands of fans enjoy his idiosyncratic and amusing interpretation of his own and others betting activities as well as life in general. Where others see pain and misery Steve inevitably sees a unique and amusing angle

"Born to Punt" brings the best of Palmer's often hilarious anecdotes and stories together under one roof for the first time. These stories frequently involve the hideous misfortune and sometime joy which befalls the many of millions of punters who regularly bet each week.

Absolutely hilarious from the start! For anyone that is regularly involved in financial combat with the bookmakers, or simply intrigued into what makes thousands of people regularly frit away their finances on a variety of sports, Steve's account is frightfully recognisable. Chasing the dream! The lazy boy lifestyle led with his accomplice through various fast-food establishments adds the required light humour!

Hardcover - 288 pages (22 Feb 2011)   £9.32    $19.73 


Spread Betting by Andrew Burke, Compton Hellyer
This is a guide to the world of spread betting. The author details all the basics and goes on to examine more complex areas such as value, risk and how to form markets.
The author ensures all players are warned of the risks inherent in this form of betting and offers some sensible advice concerning various damage limitation exercises you can perform in order to minimize such risks. There is also plenty of space devoted to discussing the mechanics of the betting and how to spot potentially profitable trades.

Paperback - 188 pages ( 6 July, 1998) expected price £8.95   Buy This Book


Successful Spread Betting by Geoff Harvey
Spread betting offers investors a simple and direct way of dealing in the world's financial markets. Its advantages include access to markets that would normally be the privilege of a registered broker such as foreign exchange. Furthermore, there are no brokerage or commission fees and any money you make from spread betting is tax free. The author provides a guide to this popular method of betting that can be employed in the financial markets and upon sporting events

Paperback - 144 pages ( 1 October, 1998) expected price £10.36   Buy This Book

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