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Poker Books 2011
Winning Women of Poker: Secret Strategies Revealed Winning Women of Poker: Secret Strategies Revealed
by Kris Rowland (Editor)

Poker authority Mike Sexton says, You don t have to re-invent the wheel to be successful at poker. Just watch and listen to successful players and do what they do. Be open-minded to new ideas and concepts. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge the women in this book are sharing with you.

This book is required reading for the casual player who wants to take her game to the next level. Royalties from the sale will go to Poker Gives, a charity founded by Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher and Lisa Tenner. The mission of Poker Gives is to raise funds through poker events and private donations and distribute them to mainstream charities on behalf of the poker world.

"Winning Women of Poker" is a collection of strategies and advice from countless women who have step up to the table and dared to throw down winning hands. Countless champions come together and lend their wisdom on how to use them to win games, regardless of one's own gender.

Nice general reading here. Not really revelationary but sound advice to all players.

Paperback - 173 pages (1 July 2011)   £ ?   $14.78  

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Vol. 1Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: Vol. 1: Fundamentals and How to Handle Varying Stack Sizes
by Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little, a highly successful poker professional who has won over $4 million in tournament play in just four years, explains exactly how to succeed in this highly competitive field. Playing technically sound poker is crucial but this is far from the only skill necessary.

Jonothan provides a solid foundation with clearly written and easy to follow instructions for tournament play.

The materials provided are actually good and Jonathan Little is a very successfully player and is certainly one of the best teachers. This book is a blend of analitical and common sense. For people who want to be competitive in MTTs as they are currently played, I think that Little's book is essential.

If you are going to buy this book then you will probably also want to connect up with one of his videos as well.

Paperback - 266 pages (30 Apr 2011)   £11.07    $18.45  

Think Like a Poker Pro: How to Study, Plan and Play Like a Professional Think Like a Poker Pro: How to Study, Plan and Play Like a Professional
by Byron Jacobs

If you have ambitions to join the ranks of the consistently winning players, this book might help you plan your campaign.

There is a great deal more to being a successful player than simply knowing how to play a good game. Playing good poker is largely a technical skill which can be learned. Being a consistently successful player is much harder and necessitates acquiring expertise in many other areas.

Byron Jacobs has been a successful online poker player for seven years. In this book he identifies precisely how this can be achieved and shows how much of the battle actually needs to be conducted away from the table. If you already play a fair game of poker but want to become one of the very few players who consistently "play well", then you need this book.

The concepts discussed in this book are brought into clear focus on the accompanying 180 minute DVD of videos where the author can be seen explaining his decision-making process. This DVD addition makes the book great value and this the way forward for poker books.

Paperback - 301 pages (1 Feb 2011)   £18.69    $26.56 

Dominate No-limit Hold'em: A Guide to the Math and Psychology of NLHEDominate No-limit Hold'em: A Guide to the Math and Psychology of NLHE
by Danny Ashman

No Limit Hold'em is a tough game to play well which is why it is the game of choice for the high-stakes pros. Unless a player has the table covered then at any moment their entire stack is vulnerable. The key to NLHE is understanding and exploiting this fact. Dominate No-Limit Hold'em will reveal the key plays that will enable you to take advantage of this opportunity. Daniel Ashman is a highly successful NLHE high-stakes player. .

This book is full of great reasonnings and a goldmine if you want to improve. The right approach is to consider it as a workbook, rather than a strategy book. That means be prepared to work, to think, to recall you own hands, etc... rather than memorize anything.

It is not perfect but then no poker book is. I would critisise that on occasion Ashman doesn't get descriptive enough. For example, when explaining how to play a hand against different types of players he labels one as, "opponent is bad". This is not enough, he could and should explain the manner of the player's weakness.

Despite all the things that (I think) could've been done better, this book contains great value information, so much more than 95% of other poker books.

Paperback - 336 pages (1 Mar 2011)   £12.99    $18.21 

The Raiser's Edge: Tournament-Poker Strategies for Today's Aggressive GameThe Raiser's Edge: Tournament-Poker Strategies for Today's Aggressive Game
by Bertrand Grospellier, Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib, Tony Dunst

In the highly fluid and fast-changing tournament-poker universe, the dominant trend is toward looser and more aggressive (LAG) play, in which players move chips around at dizzying speeds. The Raiser's Edge shows you how to adapt to the current state of all stages of tournament play, analyzing how and why the LAG and hyper-LAG styles work, and instructing on how to apply -- and defend against -- them.

This book closely examines the many techniques used by the world's most successful players, including 3- and 4-betting, floating and squeezing, smooth-calling and min-raising, thin value betting, and the evolution of the metagame, along with equilibrium strategies based on starting hands and heads-up play. Even the ages and nationalities of your opponents are considered.

This is a must have if you are a serious tournament player. ElkY is one of the hottest pros out right now. This book Shows not only the recent trends in poker evolution but how they will go in the future and how to capitalize on an everchanging game. It inspires thinking.

Paperback - 440 pages (25 Jun 2011)   £19.30    $23.07 

Check-Raising the Devil Check-Raising the Devil
by Mike Matusow

Hang on tight as Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, poker player extraordinaire, takes you with him on a breathtaking, true-life roller coaster ride from his humble beginnings in a trailer park to a rock and roll lifestyle full of hot women, sex, wild drug-filled parties and million-dollar wins and losses. Yet behind the glamour and glory of his high-stakes poker career lurked the flip side: a person torn between two debilitating mental illnesses?—?bipolar disorder and ADHD. To dig himself out of depression and suicidal despair, Matusow turned to dangerous street drugs to self-medicate a problem he didn’t understand, and spiraled deeper into the darker world of addiction, police narcotic stings, and jail time.

In this revealing and tumultuous autobiography, the combustible Matusow holds nothing back. You’ll get a mouthful of the man behind the infamous Matusow Meltdowns seen on national TV.

This is quite simply a great book which being so, transcends poker itself and is a most engaging psychological thriller of a man at war with his worst enemy - his own mind and its demons - while struggling to escape same through excelling at the game of poker. I will not say any more except that you should have no doubt in buying this book whoever you are and whatever little interest you may even have in one of poker's wildest and most verbose champions: Mike "The Mouth" Matusow. A stunningly compelling autobiography.

Paperback - 224 pages (1 Aug 2010)   £11.19    $16.47 

Secrets of Non-standard Sit 'n' GosSecrets of Non-standard Sit 'n' Gos
by Phil Shaw

The sit’n’go (single table tournament) format is one of the most popular and exciting ways to play poker. However, ten players sitting at one table and playing for three prizes is not the only possible format. There are many other ways that these events can be run and these can provide a lucrative opportunity for the skilled player. In Secrets of non-standard Sit’n’gos, Phil Shaw navigates you through these exciting variants and explains how you can make them profitable.

The alternative formats discussed include: * Heads-up sit’n’gos (2-player) * 6-max sit’n’gos * Sit’n’gos with two tables * 45-player and 180-player sit’n’gos * Step systems (with prizes as entries to bigger money sit’n’gos) * Hyper turbos * Super satellites ...and many more

Secrets of non-standard Sit’n’gos also analyses the most effective way to capitalise on rakeback and reward programs.

This is not the most insightful of books but it will give you some new ways to analyse the different types of Sit'n'Gos that you play in.

Hardcover - 272 pages (12 May 2009)   £9.94    $16.47 

Harrington on Cash Games: v. 1: How to Win at No-limit Hold'em Money GamesHarrington on Cash Games: v. 1: How to Win at No-limit Hold'em Money Games
by Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington's three 'Harrington on Holdem tournment books have a generally excellent reputation, as does the author himself, particularly in NL tourneys. Now, he has turned his attention to cash games, again with co-author Bill Robertie.

One important thing to mention is that essentially Volume 1 and 2 are two parts of the same book. Consequently, the reader will need both volumes to improve all parts of the game. However, Volume 1 includes an extremely useful introduction to basic ideas and key principles of cash game holdem (c. 115 pages), about 50 pages of Tight-Aggressive pre-flop play and approximately 100 pages each of Tight-Aggressive Flop play Heads Up and the same for Multiple opponents. There are also a number of problems, which should help illustrate key concepts, at the end of the three sections on the play of hands.

On the down side, some players of cash games suggest that his advice is a bit on the tight side for today's very aggressive online games. Sadly, too, there are some typing errors so be careful. Also, this book assumes the reader is familiar with many basic concepts and may not be a suitable introduction on its own.

Any cash game holdem player who is prepared to read this and think about the concepts, the hands, and their game should find that this book pays for itelf hundreds of times over. A must-read / must-have for anyone who wants to improve their cash game play considerably.

Paperback - 418 pages (14 Mar 2008)   £14.51    $23.07 

Swayne's Making a Living Playing Hold'EmSwayne's Advanced Degree in Hold'em
by Charley Swayne

Much of what has been presented in this book has never been published before. More of a university textbook than a traditional poker book, this is a handbook for the serious poker player and for those who want to up their game to world class level.

This book features new mathematical strategies and an in-depth analysis of the psychological aspects of Texas Hold'em. The result of years of study, this new method of step-by-step poker techniques and strategies helps players consistently beat the odds and play winning games. Every aspect of the game is analyzed and reported on in never-before-published approaches that are designed for all forms of Hold'em—online, electronic, and conventional table games.

This is more a college course than a quick "do this" approach to Holdem Though I doubt that most will spend the time needed to fully grasp this work; I am sure that for those that do, regardles of past experience, your Holdem game will dramitically imporve. Forward by Daniel Negreanu makes you think a bit more seriously about this product in an ever increasingly cluttered market consisting mostly of rubbish.

Paperback - 400 pages (4 Jun 2009)   £16.09    $19.77 

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