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Why You Shouldn’t Show Any Emotion When Playing Poker

People have been statistically proven to be more attractive to us when they express their emotions as emotions make you easy to read thus catches our attention more. Those who don’t show much emotion and ae difficult to read don’t attract our attention as much and can make us wary about their true intentions and this is where the poker face comes into play. A poker face requires emotional control, meaning that should you get a good hand, you are able to keep this fact quiet. Similarly, if you are dealt a poor hand, you don’t want your opponents to take advantage of your position. When playing poker it’s important to not allow emotions to come across on your face so that no one is able to tell what your next move may be.

By looking into a person’s eye, you are instantly letting the other person know that it’s you and not them who are in control of the situation. However, locking eyes with your poker opponent isn’t the best thing to do if you want to stare a person down. Staring at the bridge of the opponents nose will help to keep your eyes focusses and will prove that you aren’t intimidated by them.

Through the elimination of nervous gestures and ticks, you are on your way to becoming a successful poker player as they allow you to come across vulnerable and weak and thus will impact your chances of winning. Why not try channelling your energies into pressing on a stress ball or fold your hand into a fist- anything that will tell the other player that you are in a confident position, even when you aren’t. If you have tried and failed to keep your negative emotions in check before, you may benefit from finding ways to release your anxieties efficiently and quietly.

One of the most interesting things being discussed about poker faces at the moment is the need for a poker face online as well as when you’re playing the game physically. There are studies being revealed that there are certain tricks of the game that can make you vulnerable online, from certain speed of play or the way you bet. Being aware of how you play online and keeping a consistent technique and flow can help you become a successful poker player online and in the casino.

Having a poker face is quite a skill to have and can take a long time to perfect. If you’re a poker-face trainee then it’s worth noting that the mouth is one of the most obvious ways you can show your emotions. To increase your confidence and distract the competition, be sure to take care of your oral hygiene and maintain some stunning pearly-white teeth. Use an electric toothbrush (compare electric toothbrushes online to find the best one for you) with fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice daily and follow up with flossing and using mouthwash. Nothing says ‘I’m a winner’ than a beautiful smile after all!
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