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The Home Game is the most common form of poker played in the world and in any country. The games played are often the same as those played in casinos but with some special 'house' rules or variations added for spice.Home game poker with a horse All that is needed is a bunch of friends whom you trust and you can straight away form your own game. This is where all newcomers to the game of poker should aim to pick up the trade.

A home game of poker is essentially a friendly affair but when money is concerned things can get out of hand. If your players need to move on a bit then start organising the game properly with a set time and buy some chips and a cloth to make things feel right. The bottom line is honesty. If a player is a bad loser or they try to cheat the rules or the game then they must be excluded.

What's needed Poker is a little more serious than a game of pontoon on a rainy Sunday afternoon. To make it work there needs to be organisation by at least one player who takes their work seriously. Provisions must be made for;

  • Roundish or seven-sided table A good table is invaluable for the success of a game. People feel happy to play with good efficient equipment and a table where everybody has equal access to the middle of the table is the best.
  • Baize Cloth Again good equipment makes for a good game. A cloth of some baize (or felt) like material makes it much easier to pick up and shuffle cards as well as stacking chips.
  • Chips Cash and coins do OK but they are messy and confusing when you mix the two and have to take change out of the pot or get change from other players. For a really good atmosphere invest in some decent Poker Chips.
    A new chip and accessory page will soon appear on this site with the best quality products available.
  • Cards Several clean new packs of cards are necessary and fairly cheap where ever you are in the world. The better quality ones last longer and feel better. Expect to get through several packs in one night.

How to do it At least one of the regular players must like organisation, preferably more than one. They have to organise;

  • A school A school is a group of poker players who are keen players and who will put aside one night a week for the Home Game almost without exception. (Death in the family just about gets someone out of the game for a day)
  • Space At least one of the school will have to have enough space in their home to stage the game, though if more than one then the burden is shared.
  • Schedule A regular day and time is agreed on and stuck to as well as a set of rules that more or less make sense to all players in the school. (Arguing over a rule in the middle of a hand is not recommended)
  • Refreshments Food and drink for the whole night.
  • House Rake Each pot that makes it over a certain base level can have a chip taken out of it and put in the house jar to pay for all the extras. That includes wear and tear and so the players whose house it is will get the leftover money after the food bill is deducted.

Choose some Games It is important to choose some games that will keep the players interested. Playing just one game can make the game dull if the cards fall poorly and this can effect the chances of the school continuing with its fun. If you are just starting and the players are inexperienced then its best to stay simple. Something like Five Card Stud and Draw with Jacks or better (and maybe Deuces wild for some fun). Play dealer's choice, meaning whoever deals gets to pick which game to deal from the accepted list.

The Law The law and gambling is a terribly murky subject. However it is pretty clear that there is no place for any intervention into peoples' private poker games by the police or anybody else. If the stakes you are playing for are of a reasonable level to you then it is just fine. You have nothing to worry about. Of course you can't charge people to play in your home.

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