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The classic poker game is Draw. All poker variants are derived from this game. You can review the playing procedures in How to Play Draw Poker

Poker is a game where cards are dealt to each player and with them they try and make a poker hand. Betting takes place on the hands after each deal based on the value of the hands or the use of bluffing or a combination of both. The winner of each hand is either the person with the best hand, if there is a showdown, or the last player left in a hand after their bets have driven away the others.

Poker can be played by between 2 and 12 players depending on the type of game. Seven players would be a more normal number.

The are three basic categories of poker games in which they can all be slotted. They are;

  • Draw Poker There are two central features of these games. The first is that a complete hand is dealt face down at the beginning of the game to each player. The second is one or more rounds of exchanging cards (called the draw) from your hand with new ones dealt from the deck. There is a round of betting after the initial deal and after each round of exchanges.
    Western films often feature Draw Poker.
  • Stud Poker With this style of poker, the initial deal comprises of cards both face-down and face-up in an incomplete hand. The hands are completed by dealing a single card in each round which can be face-up or down depending on the particular game. After each round of dealing there is betting.
    The film The Cincinnati Kid featured 5-card stud.
  • Flop Poker Here cards are initially dealt face down to each player and then three more face up in the centre of the table as communal cards (these are known as the flop). Two further rounds occur where one more card is dealt face up each time. Each round has betting. Each players final hand is comprised of some cards from his hand and some from the flop.
    The annual World Championship is held playing Texas Hold'em, a flop poker game.
Basic Poker Dictionary see also Advanced Poker Glossary
Ante An amount of money put into the POT before the cards are dealt.
Blind Blind is short for Blind Ante, meaning an initial bet made before cards are dealt. Unlike an ante in that not all players will place a Blind. Its a way of getting the betting started in every hand.
Bluffing Pretending to have a good hand when really holding a weak one. Usually done by betting to drive other players out of a hand.
Draw Exchange cards from your hand with those dealt by the dealer.
Flop Communal cards dealt in the centre of a poker table.
Poker Hand One that has value in poker so that it can be compared with other hands.
Pot All the money already bet on the current hand.
Round Concerning dealing cards or betting, a round is where every player in the hand has acted.
Showdown When all betting is finished the remaining players show their hands and the best hand wins the pot.

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