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Poker Glossary
Winning a championship event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) earns the player a Gold Bracelet. Highly prized amongst poker professionals like Beasts Of Poker pro team.
All In Putting all your money in.
Alligator Blood (U.S) A tough player is good under pressure.
Ante A small bet that everyone at the table is required to pay before each hand (in games with an ante). e.g. Casino Stud Poker, 7-card stud.
Apple, the (U.S) The biggest game in the house.
Back Door A hand-made 'back door' is one made using both of the last two cards. A back door flush in Texas hold 'em is about 20-1.
Bankroll Also known as 'roll' or 'wad' (colloq.) This is gambling money or risk money, as opposed to the money you live on.
Base Deal Cheating by dealing from the bottom of the deck.
Belly buster An inside straight draw.
Berry Patch (U.S) An extremely easy game.
Big Blind In flop games, two bets are usually posted before any cards are dealt. The small blind by the player to the left of the dealer and the big blind (double the small blind) by the player to the left of the small blind.
Blind Bet A pre-deal bet, or blind. In flop games it initiates the betting round.
Blinds A forced bet in flop games like Hold 'Em, Omaha.
Bluff A bet with a weak hand, usually intended to get other players to fold.
Boat Nickname for a full house.
Bracelet Winning a championship event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) earns the player a Gold Bracelet. Highly prized amongst poker professionals.
Brass Brazilians The best hand, also known as 'the nuts.'
Broadway (U.S) An Ace high straight.
Bullets A pair of aces in the hole.
Bump To raise.
Bust To run out of money. 'Busted out' in competitions where its final.
Button Big white marker in the shape of an ice-hockey puck the denotes the position of dealer in house dealt games.
Buy To buy a pot is to make a bet large enough that other players would be unlikely to call.
Call To call a bet is to equal it but not raise it.
Carpet joint A big card room with comforts. The opposite of a ceedy joint.
Case money Emergency money.
Catch When the cards are treating you well, you are said to be catching cards
Check If no one has bet and it is your turn, you may 'check' to signify passing the initiate to the next player without risking money. (exception=7 card stud)
Checks (U.S) Poker chips.
Chip Poker chips are small round discs used instead of money at the poker table.
Coffeehouse Talking about a game you are in to misleadiother players, is coffeehousing.
Cowboys (U.S) Kings.
Cut Remove a number of cards from the bottom of the deck and place them on the top.
Cut Off In a flop game poker table the person to the right of the Button (Dealer), a position often used to raise before the Button gets a chance to try and steal the blinds.
Door card The first up-card in seven card stud.
Drop Money lost.
Down to the felt Totally out of money, broke.
Eight ball $800.00
Fast Aggressive.
Fast company Tough players. Sometimes meaning unscruppulous
Fifth Street The fifth card dealt.
First to Speak In a stud game, either the high or the low card must make a bet.
Fish A poor player. A sucker. A 'pidgeon'.
Fishhooks (U.S) Jacks.
Flop The first three communual cards in Hold 'Em, Omaha. (Flop games)
Fold Pass your hand.
Four Flush A hand with four cards of the same suit.
Four of a kind Four cards of the same rank.
Fourth Street The fourth card dealt in a hand of poker.
Freezeout A poker tournament in which only the initial entry is permitted, i.e. no re-entry once all your chips are lost
Full House A five card hand consisting of 'trips' and a 'pair'.
George (U.S) A poor player.
Give the office (U.S) To give a warning regarding cheating.
Glimmer Money
Going South Taking money of the table, against the rules, in a cash game.
Goulash joint A restaurant or bar that runs a regular card game hidden in a back room.
Greek dealer A cheating dealer. A mechanic.
Grinder An un-ambitious player who only hopes to win a little money each day. Also known as a 'leather ass.'
Gutshot One card that will complete an inside straight draw.
Hanger A card that juts out conspicuously when a cheater is dealing.
Heads Up A game or a hand between two players.
High Hand Top traditionally rated hand. (As opposed to Low Ball hands)
High Jack In a flop game poker table the person to the right of the Cut Off (2 to the right of the Button), a position often used to raise before the Cut Off gets a chance to try and steal the blinds, so known as High Jack.
High Society The highest denomination of chips in a card room.
Hold 'Em Poker where the players have only two cards, both face down. A flop of five communual cards gives the player a choice of five from seven to make the best possible hand.
Juice (U.S) See 'Vig'. Money taken as the rake in a game.
Kansas City Kansas City lowball is Low Ball with the ace as high. Best hand is 23457.
Ladies Queens.
Live card A card that has not been seen.
Live game A game with lots of betting action. A 'loose' game.
Lock A hand that is guaranteed to win at least part of the pot.
Mechanic A cheating player, often by marking cards or using false deals.
Mechanic's grip The way a cheater holds a deck to make it easy to deal 'seconds'.
Mitt joint (U.S) A club where the house cheats the players, or one that turns a blind eye to cheating in general.
No-limit A game that allows a player to bet all his chips at any betting round.
Nuts, the The best hand.
Nut straight The highest possible straight.
Omaha Omaha is a flop game dealt as Hold ' em but with four down-cards each. A hand is made using five from a possible nine, but two and only two must be used from the players hand.
On the finger (U.S) Money given on credit.
On tilt Going 'on tilt' is a bad reaction to an unlucky hand. The result is wild play.
Outs Ways of improving your hand to win the pot.
Paint A Jack, Queen or King. Picture card. Face card
Pair Two cards of the same rank.
Pasadena Fold.
Pineapple A variation on Hold'em where players receive three cards each and are forced to discard one of them after the flop is dealt. Thus reverting to Hold'em.
Play on your belly (U.S) Playing honestly.
Poker Hand A collection of exactly five cards that constitute a hand according to the accepted list of hands.
Pokies Australian slang for poker machines. Anything you can poke a coin into so it also covers slot machines
Pushka (U.S) An arrangement between two or more of the players to share part of the pots win, or more precisely, the container into which the shared chips are played.
Quads Four of a kind.
Rabbits Weak players.
Rack Plastic, wooden or metal tray to place rows of poker chips.
Rag A card, usually a low card, that, when it appears, has no apparent impact on the hand.
Railbirds Spectators. Kibitzers.
Railroad bible Deck of cards.
Rainbow Three or four cards of different suits. Applied to flops.
Raise Increase the previous bet.
Rake The percentage of a pot that the house keeps.
River The final (seventh) card dealt in a poker hand. (the fifth flop card in flop games)
Road gang Team of cheats.
Rock Garden A game of tight players.
Rolled Up In Seven Card Stud, three of a kind with the first three cards is known as being 'rolled up'.
Round A round can refer either to a round of betting or a round of hands.
Rounder (U.S) A player who knows all the angles and earns his living at the poker table.
Royal Straight flush An ace high straight flush.
Seconds Cheating by dealing the second card instead of the top card.
Semi-bluff A bluff where there is a chance that your hand can make a winning hand.
Seven Card Stud Popular variant of stud. Seven cards each, dealt two down, four up, one down.
Slow rolling An annoying habit that means you slowly reveal that you have the winning hand.
Small Blind See Big Blind
Soft Easy
South (U.S) Fold.
Spikes (U.S) A pair of aces.
Splash the pot Loosely put chips into a pot to obscure the actual amount. Not good.
Stack All your chips.
Straighten Out (U.S) To introduce an acquaintance to an underground poker club.
Straight Flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Tap Tap the table means to check. Also (U.S) betting all your opponents money, forcing him to go 'all in' if he calls the bet.
Tapioca (U.S) Out of money.
Tell An unconscious gesture that reveals information about your hand.
Texas Hold'em See Hold'em. (The usual term)
Tight Conservative.
Trips Three cards of the same rank.
Turn The second to last, (sixth), card dealt in Hold 'Em. Fouth communial card, also known as "4th street".
Under The Gun Often abbreviated as UTG meaning the first person to act before the flop. One to the left of the Big Blind at a poker table.
Underdog When two hands face off, the underdog is the one that's less likely to win than the other.
Vig Vig is short for the word 'vigorish'. Also referred to as 'juice'(US). This can be either; the tax that the house takes (rake) in each hand of poker or the up-front fee.
White meat Profit.
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