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Specific combinations of cards are given a value so that you can measure one hand against another and tell which is the winner. All poker hands have five cards. Here is the list in ranking order from the worst hand down to the best hand. Ready to become an online poker pro?

Each year, players around the world win millions of dollars in prizes in online poker games and tournaments. Want to come out on top as a poker champion with enormous cash prizes? Becoming a strong poker player starts with knowing the hands and odds of getting those hands. In this way, players can better predict the outcome of a poker game and make better bets.

Sure, you could sit down and memorize all of the hands and statistics, but players can really perfect their poker skills through experience. Putting your knowledge of poker hands and odds to the test during games really improves your skills in the long run. Plus, it's a lot of fun to play poker games.

Each high-quality poker site comes equipped with a variety of games, rules, buy-ins, and tournament formats. From Texas Hold'em to 3 Card Poker, gambling sites have all kinds of games available. You'll find those using the standard poker hands like those mentioned on this page or even come across non-standard poker hands. Online poker sites also have different types of tournaments with rewarding cash prizes in store. Whether you just started learning or have lots of experience playing, online poker sites have games for everyone.

Many of the top sites also come with useful features to help players of all levels. For example, on-site widgets may display information on poker hands and odds for beginners to easily refer back to while they play. Meanwhile, more experienced players can improve their skills even more by competing against other seasoned players.

With enough practice, poker players can make huge stacks of cash. Imagine winning millions playing an exciting game like poker. Keep playing and those dreams could become reality. You too could become a poker world champion.
HIGH If the cards in a hand are not linked in any way so as to qualify as any other ranked hand, then the highest card in the hand becomes the value of the hand. If that card is a KINGDiamond then the hand is KING HIGH.

KDiamond QClub 7Spade 5Heart 2Diamond

ONE PAIR If only two cards are matched such that they are equal, like 10Club and 10Heart, then this hand is ONE PAIR of TENS.

10Club 10Heart ADiamond KSpade 2Club

TWO PAIR If there are two seperate pairs of matched cards, then this is known as TWO PAIR.

ADiamond ASpade 10Club 10Heart 2Club

THREE OF A KIND If three cards are matched so that they have the same value then this is called THREE OF A KIND

7Diamond 7Spade 7Heart 6Diamond 3Club

STRAIGHT If the cards are not all of the same suit but sequencial in their value, like 3,4,5,6,7, then this is called a STRAIGHT. This example is a SEVEN HIGH STRAIGHT.

7Spade 6Diamond 5Club 4Heart 3Club

FLUSH If the cards are not in sequence but are all of the same suit, then this is called a FLUSH. This example is a JACK HIGH CLUB FLUSH.

JClub 10Club 7Club 5Club 3Club

FULL HOUSE If the hand combines THREE OF A KIND with ONE PAIR then it is called a FULL HOUSE. This example is KINGS OVER THREES.

KSpade KDiamond KClub 3Heart 3Spade

FOUR OF A KIND If four cards have the same value then the hand is called FOUR OF A KIND

ADiamond ASpade AClub AHeart 7Spade

STRAIGHT FLUSH If all the cards are of the same suit and are in sequencial order, this is called a STRAIGHT FLUSH. This example is a NINE HIGH STRAIGHT FLUSH.

9Heart 8Heart 7Heart 6Heart 5Heart

ROYAL FLUSH The top hand in poker is a Straight Flush that is Ace High.

ASpade KSpade QSpade JSpade 10Spade

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