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Wild Games
Beginners to this game should make a point of starting at the bottom because no self-respecting poker player will stop a beginner from losing his money in a tough game. Think of the saying "..there's one born every minute .... and two to take them!" whenever you are asked to play in a game of poker.

Starting is the most difficult thing. You should try asking friends and see if there is enough interest to get a home game going and then learn the basic games. Keep in mind that there is no way to play poker other than for money and so be prepared for that. Beginners should keep stakes low yet be respectful of the meaning of the money. If the cash sums are treated as insignificant there will be little incentive to improve skill in the game.

Some casinos are currently running beginners nights so that inexperienced players can compete in tournaments for low entry fees and see what is required to develop their game. Some may run limit games for the players to hone their skills in the cash games as well. Check out the section on Card Rooms for details or Card Room List for where they are.

The easiest way to learn the most popular game, Texas Hold'em, is to sign up to one of the safe online poker sites and start playing either free tournaments or low buy-in tournaments. The best of these will be short-handed, or tournaments with a limited number of players. This gives you the chance to experience both multi-table events and single table, or final table, which is another skill level altogether.

Which ever you choose, best of luck and don't hesitate to ask us questions should you need help.

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