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Casinos with Card Rooms will either have house dealt games or private games. These are likely to be paid for either by raking the pot at some capped amount (say 5%), or an hourly fee.

Some casinos even allow private games to carry on for free. This is done to encourage players into the casino. It is by no means as common as is it used to be as many the old fashioned private games have died out and the wild game rules are not popular amongst the internet playing poker world.

The house dealt games will be formal and should adhere to basic international rules. The private games can agree to their own set of games and rules. In the past people have played standard flop, stud and draw poker games in both the formats. Most casino dealt poker is in the form of Texas Hold'em but larger casino card rooms may deal Omaha or other games.

Non-casino run Card Rooms are making a return to the UK as they are all around the world. They generally mirror what goes on in the casino Card Rooms. In the USA however, most organised poker is played in very large Card Rooms that have other card games like Gin. However, with the increase in popularity of poker all major casinos in the USA now have a poker room which brings in no-risk revenue. This is being mirrored around the world.

When you play poker or casino games, you are basically stating your intentions loud and clear, which are to have a good time and make some good money. So don’t worry too much, get on with it and enjoy yourself

The house run games usually deal Texas Hold'em as their main game. Forward thinking casinos are now spreading Omaha, Irish, 7-Card Stud and even some Hi-Lo games. These are the main stay of world tournament and cash poker.

If you have been playing in a Home Game for some time, try and venture to a casino where a game is being dealt around a full size kidney shaped poker table. Its a completely different feeling and one necessary to learn about if you want to experience all that poker has to offer. Check out the section on Card Rooms for details or Card Room List for where they are.

Real world poker as dealt in casinos or dedicated card rooms is a very different experience from internet poker. It is much slower but the compensation is the real interaction with other players and the chance to put your poker player reading ability to the test.

As with internet poker there is always the chance that something illegal is going on in the game you decide to play in. This could be old-fashioned collusion between players or extra assistance for someone from a skillful dealer. This things do happen and will continue to happen.

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