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What’s the Role of KYC in Licensed Poker Games?
Poker is by many the ultimate card game. Regardless if you’re playing it online or at land-based casinos—or even between friends—it’s one of the most social games of all time. Many consider it a source of revenue, and if that looks like you, you might have taken a look at an online poker room or a casino. There’s just one problem – in order to play and keep what you win, you must pass the dreaded KYC check.

Of course, it’s not so dreaded after all. KYC or Know Your Customer is a policy and a mark of licensed poker site that lets you play in a safe and secure environment that abides the law. In this article, we’ll explore more of its role in online gambling.

How Licensed Poker Works

Poker is a game of skills and as such everyone knows it can be quite a lucrative game. Illegal poker is banned everywhere. You can host friendly poker nights between friends as long as there’s no money involved. If you want to play for real money and like a pro, you need to join a licensed poker site.

Why should you go for licensed operators? It’s not just about the KYC check and making sure you’re in a safe environment where your data won’t be stolen. Licensed poker site generally offer great poker deals, certainly much better than what unlicensed sites (where your money is at risk) might have on offer. It’s very important to join licensed poker operators if you don’t want trouble with your law or having your money/data stolen.

Now, a big part of that is KYC verification. If you’re only heard briefly about is so far, we’ll explain the details below.

Why Is KYC So Important for Licensed Poker Games Online?

As you can probably guess, anyone can play poker online with a pseudonym. They don’t have to put up a picture of themselves, nor do they need to share their personal information. It was like that for years until the KYC check came to pass. All licensed poker rooms and casinos are required to know the identity of their customers as a way to prevent fraud and confirm that their behavior on the platform reflects their financial situation.

In short, KYC in gambling ensures that you are who you say you are during sign up. When entering information on the registration page, it’s important to enter up-to-date and accurate data which can later be verified by the KYC check. Now, imagine player poker against a pool of players that are all KYC-verified. It’ll feel much safer, right? That’s the whole point of this check. Many hate it, but it ensures you’re playing against real players who have had their identity confirmed by the licensed poker site.

With the KYC check, you can rest those doubts about unsafe poker games where you might lose your whole bankroll. Verification might be a bit on the slow side, but it’s all done to make you enjoy your licensed poker sessions instead of playing at scammy sites where your identity and monies are on the line.

As a conclusion, it’s best to stay on licensed poker sites that have a proper KYC procedure in place – it’s there to protect your best interests!
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