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Improve Your Poker Game With These 5 Tips
You finally did it! You've been playing Texas Hold'em for hours and hours, avoiding some scary all-ins, taking a couple of breaks and now you're sitting at the final table playing heads-up poker. Once the joy of making the final table has diminished, you will have to start doing business and betting your opponent. I hope you now have a good read about the player, his tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. However, it may be important to know that poker players often switch modes when it comes to playing heads up.

A poker player heads-up game may be completely different from your normal game. Here are some tips to help you improve your Texas Hold'em poker strategy while playing on popular sites like

Tips to follow:

Tip # 1 - An Ace in the Hole The number one rule of heads-up play is that when you have an ace as a hole card, you will usually be in a dominant preflop position. You must then raise / re-raise hard to see how your opponent will react. Often an opponent folds (depending on the poker player's specific style) for fear of the ace or a pair of hands. Sometimes you may be called, but remember, in heads up poker, players tend to make loose calls. Odds are you will still be in a dominant position.

Tip # 2 - Lower Your Expectations When playing heads up in Texas Hold'em, chances are you can't afford to wait for a good hand. A quality hand in heads up poker is not the same as when playing with a larger group. You may have to settle with J-6 offsuit and see what happens. The chances are that often your opponent will also have a bad hand.

Tip # 3 - Try to get a betting pattern Many poker players have an extremely hard time playing heads up. Some collapse under pressure and others become painstakingly obvious in their heads-up betting. Be sure to keep an eye on your opponents' betting habits. Every now and then you may want to call a hand that you know probably hits just to see what your opponent has. If you can catch opponents' betting habits, it's almost as if they are showing their hands..

Tip # 4 - Mix Your Game Even if you are not getting the best of cards, you should always try to mix up your game to throw your opponent out of your scent. Stand up with 9-4 suited. Call with A-3 offsuit. This way, your opponent cannot pick a good betting pattern from you. Many poker players are not great when it comes to playing heads up. By throwing your opponent out of your sense of smell, your opponent may be induced to call all-in. All it takes is one big mistake in heads up, and you get your opponent exactly where you want it.

Tip # 5 - Don't Call All-in Please do not overdo it by going all-in. This is like leaving your hand to fate. There is some luck involved in poker, but you don't just want to get lucky. Also, of course, you may be less advanced, and a veteran will wait for your chance and bury you. Mix your game, raise, call and fold, and in the end, the best player usually wins.

Follow these tips and study, and you will probably start winning first prizes at!
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