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How To Spot The TAGfish In Every Poker Game
Everybody knows that online matches nowadays are filled with tight-aggressive players or TAGs. To go along with the TAGs, there is also a growing population of regulars known as the TAGfish. For some, it can be challenging to distinguish a regular from a TAGfish. He tops each hand, buys full, he has good stats and plays what he thinks is a good poker game. However, he can’t win the game. And this is because there is more to poker than gaining good stats.

Indeed, poker is considered as an intelligent man’s game. You can’t just follow your readings and instinct and be a money-making machine. You have to apply your learnings and create good decisions every time that the action is in your hands.

Meanwhile, a TAGfish does not do this. He just keeps on playing the same game each day no matter what the situation is. He just loses, wins, or breakeven. He keeps on thinking that he is the most unlucky player in the world. Thus, in this article, you will learn of the things on how to tell if you are a TAGfish:

You Never Think about Your Range but You Know Your Rival’s

Every poker player knows that you have to place your rival on a range. It is one of the basic skills in poker like However, a TAGfish does not care about his range in the process.

Your opponent will play the hand in various ways according to what he believes that you have. You can never place your foe on a range by not thinking about the perceived range that you have.

Misapplying the Skills You Acquired

A TAGfish will try his best on how to be a better poker player. He will watch tutorial videos, read poker articles, and study the game all his spare time. However, he misapplies whatever he has learned in his studies. He will learn that giving up and continuation betting is not food. And so, he will continue to fire each second barrel.

He will only know half of the skills. He has an idea of what to but misapplies it when it is the right time to do it. Or he fails to stop himself when he should not be doing it against his opponents.

He also thinks cut-off and button has the same position. But this is not the case in the game. Good TAGs abuse the button while a TAGfish allows himself to let be abused by the button.

Overestimating The Odds Implied

A TAGfish believes that each time he does the nuts, he will win a stack. He thinks that if he calls from the blinds with a pair of pocket and catches a set, he will win the opponent each time in

As such, he calls with his hands post-flop. When he missed the huge hand, he will make his opponent fold. However, he will lose all his money as he tries to hit that hand. And when he even hits the hand, he can never take the money back now.
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