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Crazy Poker Scandals That Rocked The Pro World
Where there is money, there is always some sort of cheating. Check out some insane Poker scandals that occurred in real professional tournaments.

Biggest Amazing Poker Scandals In History

Cheating is an inevitable reality of tournaments. Or at least, attempts at cheating are inevitable. But, who would possibly try and get away with cheating in a professional setting? Who would try cheat where there are literally half a dozen cameras on them, and hundreds of thousands of viewers watching at home?

Some of these people on our list, apparently. These are some of the most outrageous cheating scandals that occurred it the real world of professional Poker. Or at least, these are the ones that got caught red handed.

Partouche Poker Tour 2009

As already said, some Poker cheats are so brazen that they attempted to get away with it in front of thousands of pairs of eyes. The most notorious example is that of Jean-Paul Pasqualini and Cedric Rossi, who colluded during the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event in 2009. The pair had devised a set of subtle signals in order to communicate with one another, allowing them to work as a team against the other players.

The most fascinating fact of all is that you can still watch entertaining videos of the two, employing their cheating, and pick up that something isn’t exactly right. A head scratch here, an eye scratch there. But what exactly they are communicating to one another is anyone’s guess.

Borgata Winter Poker Open

Imagine you’ve saved up to enter into a Poker tournament, only to find you’re not doing as well as you’d hoped. Best put in some extra practice, and do better next time. Or, if you’re Christian Lusardi, you might just buy some counterfeit chips and sneak them into play.

It sounds like something only a fool would try and do, but that is indeed what Lusardi attempted during the Borgata, Winter Poker Open in 2014. When the police stormed his hotel room, they caught the fraud attempting to flush illegal gambling chips down his toilet. Shockingly, Lusardi got off pretty light, serving only 6 months of an 8 year sentence.

If all this talk of cheats has put you off professional Poker, check this site to get involved in horse race betting instead.

World Series Of Poker 2015

Moldovan Valeriu Coca is known as one of the most infamous cheats in Poker history, mostly because he got away with it for so long. He was even cleared after a World Series Of Poker investigation, when it was reported that his run in the WSOP 2015 $10k Bracelet event was extremely suspicious. The WSOP even allowed him to keep winnings of $54,545.

However, after intensive research revealed that Coca had been banned from Prague casinos for marking cards, the whole façade came crashing down. It turned out that Coca often marked aces and kings in decks, as a way to keep track of them during play. It is, however, remarkable that the man was so good at marking cards, and keeping it a secret, that an official WSOP investigation was unable to spot his wrong doings.
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