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Basic Video Poker Tips and Strategies
Video poker is extremely popular games in both land-based and online casino. This article will provide you with the basic facts and strategies for video poker.

The principle of video poker is quite simple. Before each game, you determine how many chips of a certain value you want to bet. Then the system will deal you five cards (from a standard 52 card deck). You then determine which cards to keep and which ones to replace. In case you have gathered a winning combination, the slot will pay you according to the paytable of each combination.

Video poker offers many variations with an extremely low house advantage, just like blackjack or craps. The most popular variation of video poker is Jacks or Better, which can found in pretty much every good online casino, has a casino advantage of 0.46%.

Optimal Strategy for Video Poker

There is no universal strategy for video poker. Each game variant is unique and requires an individual approach. Unlike the classic slots. There are many tips and strategies for slots, which are universally applicable.

For beginners, we recommend that you first try out video poker and its game variations in a free version offered by every casino. You will learn the rules of the game for free with no risk of losing real money, and you can also test out various strategies.

Just for example, we have prepared an optimal for Jack and or Better.

A = Ace, K = King, Q = Queen, J = Jack (these cards are referred to as “high cards”)
  • Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind (Poker)
  • Four cards of the Royal Flush
  • Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind
  • Single-suit flush (open-ended)
  • Two pairs
  • A high pair (Jacks or better)
  • Three cards of a Royal Flush
  • Four cards of the same suit
  • K-Q-J-T
  • Low pair (tens and below)
  • J-T-9-8 or Q-J-T-9
  • J-T-9s or Q-J-9s
  • Open-ended straight draw
  • A-Q-Js
  • Three to a flush draw (open-ended)
  • Q-T-9s, J-T-8s, J-9-8s, K-Q-9s, K-J-9s
  • Q-Js
  • A-K-Q-J
  • K-Qs, K-Js, A-Ks, A-Qs, A-Js
  • Four to a straight (one gapper) with three high cards
  • Three to a straight flush with two gaps and one high card
  • Three to a straight flush with one gap and no high cards
  • K-Q-J
  • Q-J
  • J-T
  • K-Q, K-J
  • Q-Ts
  • A-K, A-Q, A-J
  • K-Ts
  • One high card
  • Three to a straight flush with two gaps and no high cards
  • Discard all five cards.
How to Read Paytable

The paytable determines the winnings you receive when you create a particular winning combination (from pair to Royal Flush). The highest payout ratio is designated as "Full Pay". So, before you decide on a particular variant of video poker and a specific casino where you want to play, we recommend that you carefully compare the rules of the game.

Before playing, always check the rules of the defined by the paytable; it is because a different version of the game offers a different payout for the same poker combinations. Some video pokers also do not pay for low combinations like pair of numbers.

Video Poker Bonuses

Many online casinos offer their players many and many bonuses like no deposit bonuses or free spins or particular online slots. It is a good practice for professional video poker players to find an online casino with cash bonus you can actually use on the video poker.

This way you can get up thousands of dollars or euros, just for depositing. Sadly, most of the online casinos do not offer bonuses for video poker, so you need to search a few to find one.
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