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5 Reasons to Invest in Poker Coaching
1. Increase your edge

Poker is getting tougher and tougher to win, why rest on your laurels if you’re a small winner or even losing? You need to increase your edge to maximise your long-term profitability and by getting tips, advice and 1 to 1 poker coaching that will better you as a player you can only increase your chances of winning more money.

2. Saves you time

Poker coaches have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hands experience to draw upon. Hundreds of hours and countless books of material in their minds ready to share with you. By absorbing tuition in doses as little as 1 hour you are saving yourself years of time it would take to gain the same knowledge. Whilst coaching is not the cheapest form of education, it certainly saves time. If time is money than you can save a lot of it by signing up to poker coaching.
    Source: Texas Holdem Questions
Texas Holdem Questions offer several forms of poker coaching at competitive pricing including 1 to 1 poker coaching, hand history reviews, coaching by email and poker training video membership. Their founder Narciso Baldo suggests a consultation with them before coaching.
“We take pride in our coaching services and want to get to know our player’s before coaching them. It’s important we create the right plan for each individual so they get best value for their money and we can help them win more money quicker.”
3. Integrity

A personal poker coach is invested in your poker journey and wants to see you do well. Your results are a reflection on their poker coaching. They will be honest with you at all times and give your fair criticism and praise. They won’t get too excited if you record wins or beat you up if you lose or play bad. Poker coaches can be friends, mentors and teachers all at the same time.

4. Professionalism

Poker coaches have a high standard they hold themselves. They rely on facts, figures and data. This is the source of their feedback to you. They won’t be biased or rely on casual anecdotes. They are not like your buddy at the casino bemoaning folding Ace Three to a raise when you would have flopped top two pair. They are objective, fair and professional throughout. They should be impartial and neutral like a judge who fairly weighs up the evidence, so will a poker coach judge your game and card playing.

5. Returns on investment

5. A good poker coach will far outweigh their costs in the long run. Poker coaching is an investment in yourself and your poker journey. If you put in the time and money with a good coach then you will reap the profits. Let’s say you average £10 an hour currently and your coach helps you tweak your game that results in you making an additional £5 an hour. You have just increased your win rate by 50%. This can be taken further, let’s say you play 25 hours a week. Your coach has just found a way that can help you make £6,500 more a year at your current stakes – not even accounting for moving up stakes and factoring in what would be won there.

Poker coaching is a great tool to help better your game but please give careful consideration and remember to gamble responsibly.
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