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Card Rooms
Some people are able to make a profit from playing poker, others can even make itCool Cat Poker Player their sole source of income. This is however a very tough thing and the vast majority of the top pros are sponsored by online poker sites. The most popular game these days is Holde'em, particularly the No-Limit variety. Many of the top internet players move from online poker to real world cash games but few of them last very long.

The professional poker player life has a romantic sound to it but the truth, as always, is far from it. Poker exists in card rooms and casinos around the world and to be a pro you will spend a lot of time never seeing the sun. Even if you are playing online as a professional it can be quite hard to live a healthy life, although some seem to prosper and look well. One of the most prolific of modern times is Daniel Negreanu, a Canadian professional, (born 1974), his parents being Romanian settlers in Toronto.

Negreanu has a character that people can relate to and appears on TV im most of the high profile poker shows. He has was many could consider a normal life style, getting married to Lori Lin Weber and later separating in November 2007 like everyone else. He turned vegetarian in 2000 and then went vegan in 2006. After many years living in the USA, he received his green card on July 15, 2009, and so now is officially a professional working in the USA.

Other top pros include Phil Hellmuth Jr. and Erik Seidel. Of course there are many others performing at the top but these guys have shown the way in terms of winning and style. Follow the World Series of Poker coverage to see how the best players fare.

Phil Ivey
One of the most successful tournament players of all time.
Daniel Negreanu
One of the most successful tournament players of all time.
Stu Unger was the act that could not and should not be followed. Winning in '80, '81 and '97! he showed himself top dog at this special event. He also lived life to full and died from the continual abuse to his body whilst still champion.
Feature Article
T.J. Cloutier was born in 1940. By June of 2005 he had won 58 major tournements. In the World Championship Event he has placed 5th, 4th and 2nd in unlucky fashion though his play still keeps him in with a chance for the big one.
Johnny Chan was a waiter in a San Francisco chinese restaurant before working hard at his game and venturing to Las Vegas. From nowhere he became back-to-back World Champion in '87 and '88.
Phil Hellmuth Jr. won the WSOP (World Series of Poker) top event to become World Champion in '89 and since has demonstrated himself to be the clean face of poker.  [ Born : 16/7/1964 ]
The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Championship Event has continually had a first prize of $1,000,000. since the 1980s. The year 2000 event increased this to $1,500,000, the winner Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.
In 2005 the winner from 5619 players was Joseph Hachem winning $7,500,000 and in 2011 it was Pius Heinz from Cologne, Germany winning $8,711,956 with 6,865 runners.
Follow the latest at the WSOP.
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