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How has poker changed in recent times?
The invention of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in 1988, or ‘chat room’ as it’s more commonly known, played a big hand in aiding the introduction of poker to the online world. Those interested in and able to utilise the software were setting up chat rooms of their own in order to host and participate in some of the first online poker games.

The software, when launched, was not done so with the intention for use by the gaming industry and instead appealed to the more technologically savvy. There was also no functionality for the exchange of real currency, meaning the games set up lacked a sense of authenticity.

The introduction of real money to an online poker game didn’t come about until 1998, when ‘Planet Poker’ was launched. Founder Randy Blumer has since been credited for his hand in the success and development of online poker. Launched with the customer in mind, his software was unique and pioneered the online gaming industry, since at the time of its launch there was nothing else quite like it. The site gained a strong online following, and with this came the demand for development of the online poker game. Faced with the limitations of the internet at the time, Planet Poker was left open to competitors who soon thought that they could offer a better online gaming experience.

Poker had by this time moved solely from the inside of casinos to within the reach of much wider audiences around the globe, and as internet software developed to meet the demands for more enticement, so too did the online gaming industry. has kept the consumer focus in mind and is now offering promotions to customers, alongside guides on how to play. Adopting already successful formats and teaming these with new ones has made Ladbrokes a strong contender within the virtual world.

Online gaming has increased in popularity amongst younger players who do not need to go to the effort of attending a casino, and are now able to learn gaming from home. With increased access to software development - and with the saturation of online gaming at an all-time high - companies such as Ladbrokes face the challenge of offering a continuously enticing experience in order to please their consumers. Having recognised the ability of its players, Ladbrokes offered its new fast-paced poker game, Blaze Poker, designed to match this skill in an online environment. Joining a large pool of players, Blaze Poker allows you to play at multiple tables and face different opponents in every hand you play. Earning loyalty points as you go, it is a rewarding and dynamic experience born from the need to stand out amongst the ever-increasing online gaming competition.
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