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Racing News

Welcome to the News desk.

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Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jan 29th 2019
 Skrill share Bet365 punter's details
Read [Greyhounds][World] Jul 20th 2018
 Notorious Greyhound track closes
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Nov 13th 2017
 Bet365 boss pays herself £217m
Read [Betting][UK] Apr 20th 2017
 Red Rum wins again after 43 years
Read [Gambling][UK] Mar 21st 2017
 Irish Gamblers not entitled to winnings
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 2nd 2017
 Gambling firms up gifts to MPs
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 5th 2016
 Ch 4 ends racing coverage early
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Oct 22nd 2016
 Watchdog investigates online betting firms
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 16th 2016
 TV gambling Ad ban worries ITV
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Sep 10th 2016
 Black Type Bet promises not to ban customers
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jun 23rd 2016
 Betfred and Coral fined £800,000 each
Read [Betting][Australia] May 7th 2016
 Australia Makes In-Play Betting Illegal
Read [Racing][UK] Mar 10th 2016
 Shock UK Horse Racing Levy Change
Read [Bookmaker][World] Dec 12th 2015
 Bookmaker Geoff Banks sues BHA
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 21st 2015
 Many Clouds looking to emulate Red Rum
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 19th 2015
 Nicholls goes to Haydock with Conti
Read [Racing][UK] Mar 23rd 2015
 Racing Rights
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 25th 2015
 Chelmsford City Racecourse
Read [Racing][UK] Apr 26th 2013.
 Godolphin trainer banned
Read [Racing][UK] Apr 22nd 2013.
 Godolphin horses banned
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 9th 2013.
 McCririck sues Channel 4 for £3m
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 1st 2013.
 Channel 4 monopoly on TV racing
Read [Scandal][UK] Dec 7th 2012.
 Dettori will return after ban
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 16th 2012.
 Richard Hughes rides 7!
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 16th 2012.
 Hereford racecourse to close
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Aug 5th 2012.
 Gambling Law change a mistake
Read [Scandal][UK] Mar 28th 2012.
 Betfair punters lose £23m case
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 23rd 2012.
 Hanagan gets Richard Hill's job
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 1st 2012.
 BHA stewards missing the "skulduggery".
Read [Exchange][UK] Jan 3rd 2012.
 Betfair apology falls short
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 29th 2011.
 Betfair voids £23m in bets
Read [Scandal][UK] Dec 14th 2011.
 BHA hands out 66 years of bans
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 21st 2011.
 BHA gives in to jockey demands
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 28th 2011.
 Use of whip halved
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 20th 2011.
 Red Rum trainer McCain dies at 80
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 9th 2011.
 BHA challenges Levy Board
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 12th 2011.
 Howard Johnson banned for four years
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 7th 2011.
 Racing endangered by poor governance
Read [Exchange][UK] Aug 4th 2011.
 Betfair moves to stop big winners
Read [Racing][World] Jul 20th 2011.
 Breeders Cup finally says no to drugs
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jun 3rd 2011.
 Tote bought by Betfred for £265m
Read [Racing][UK] May 20th 2011.
 Five Jockeys charged with race fixing
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Apr 29th 2011.
  50 years of High Street Bookmakers
Read [Racing][UK] Mar 30th 2011.
 Punters beware, draw bias is switched
Read [Racing][UK] Mar 8th 2011.
 £1.5m Tote Jackpot for a £2 bet
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 17th 2011.
 Electrocution "official" for horse deaths
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 14th 2011.
 Betting Levy set at £80m
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 22nd 2011.
 New Channel 4 Racing show
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 7th 2010.
 Levy War is over for now
Read [Racing][UK] Nov 29th 2010.
 McCoy favourite to win BBC sports award
Read [Racing][UK] Nov 1st 2010.
 Levy to be decided by Government
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 19th 2010.
 Offshore bookmakers to pay levy
Read [Exchange][UK] Sep 14th 2010.
 Betfair flotation not so sweet
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 9th 2010.
 Harry Findlay attacks BHA chief
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 27th 2010.
 Horse Racing fixture cull his Jumps most
Read [Racing][UK] Jul 12th 2010.
 2011 Racing fixtures in funding scare
Read [Racing][UK] Jun 24th 2010.
 Racing takes on the World Cup
Read [Racing][UK] Jun 11th 2010.
 Harry Findlay's crazy 6 month ban
Read [Racing][UK] Jun 6th 2010.
 Classic double for Ryan Moore
Read [Racing][UK] Apr 20th 2010.
 Week of free UK Racing
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 25th 2010.
 Free admission to race tracks!
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 8th 2010.
 Offshore bookies to pay racing Levy
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 5th 2010.
 Decimal plan signals end to old ways
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 13th 2009.
 Racing has a drug problem says Fallon
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 8th 2009.
 Starting Price system breaks down
Read [Racing][UK] Nov 29th 2009.
 Findlay favours Denman over Kauto
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Nov 24th 2009.
 Govt. tells bookies to volunteer millions
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 29th 2009.
 Race courses let in Betfair punters
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 15th 2009.
 McKeown's high court bid to stop BHA
Read [Exchanges][UK] Oct 8th 2009.
 French law bans all exchanges
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