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Welcome to the Golf Page.

Golf Bet Guide
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Golf Betting Betting on Golf is possible because bookmakers give odds on players achieving certain targets during a major tournament, one that is on a regular professional tour. They concentrate on the two major tours, Europe and the US tour. There is also betting on the Senior Tour (over 50s), WPGA Tour (womans) and sometimes one of the minor tours.
Types of Golf Bets There are many types of golf bets from winning the tournament outright to anything a bookmaker can think of. Here are the major types:
Outright - Expressed as O/R this is to win the whole tournament.
72 Hole Match - This shortened to 72H means simply a match between two players who are competing in the tournament. The player with the lowest score after the finish is the winner.
Three Ball - Players usually tee-off in groups of three known as three balls. This is betting on the lowest 18 hole score of the three. Known as 3B.
Two Ball - In the final round of some tournaments players will tee-off in pairs. Same as above. Known as 2B.
Group - Bookmakers select 4,5 or 6 players to compare. Betting is on the lowest 4-round score from these players only.
Special Group - Often bookmakers create a special market just for players from a particular country or age group or something. There can be many players in this sort of group.
Bookmaker Accounts To place a bet online or by telephone you must first have an account with the bookmaker. Online or over the phone this will only take a few minutes and requires access of your credit card or switch card. Residents or citizens of the U.S.A are generally not accepted as customers because of U.S federal law prohibiting betting on the internet. Most British based bookmakers are totally trustworthy as far as credit card information. The larger bookmakers are trustworthy as far as payment is concerned. To open an account online simply go to their website and click on the Account Button. Check our Bookmaker guides. Once your account is established you must transfer money into the Bookmaker Account inorder to place a bet. Your winnings can be transfered straight back to the Card Account. Telephone accounts will withdraw the money each time a bet is placed and sent back afterwards.
Following GGG Golf Bets GGG golf recommendations state specific risk levels in units. To follow these guidelines simply allow yourself a bankroll to gamble with and subdivide this into 200 units. Thus if you have £200 to gamble with, you are betting at £1 per unit. We cannot guarantee a profit but our results are posted for you to check performance. Good luck.
Bookmaker Rules Most of the bookmakers have very similar rules concerning the settlement of golf bets. If you intend to bet on golf it is advisable to aquaint yourself with them. There are a few instances where rules differ from bookmaker to bookmaker but these are generally when a player does not complete a round or the tournament.
Our Betting Policy It is the policy of GGG to place all bets suggested with the bookmaker before they are displayed on our website.
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