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Bookmaker Guide
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Are you a smart sports bettor who has been restricted by bookmakers
or prevented from betting altogether?


Are you a regular punter tired with all those tipsters who stake nothing themselves,
charge you money and give you worthless advice?
Well we here at The Good Gambling Guide are tired at both of those things and have been that way for the last 20 years. At last a bonafide, tried, tested and UKGC licensed platform has entered the gambling world to shake things up.

Betconnect is here to connect the dots between top class bets and regular punters who have access to online bookmaker or exchange accounts. Yes this is the world’s first social betting network that gives you access to the bets of professional gamblers. We send you personalised bets – each called a Bet Request – direct from the Pros for you to Match. You decide what to do next. Do you Copy, Follow or Lay?

The Pros are good enough that they can’t place bets with traditional bookmakers so they are looking for Punters and Pros to join this new network. Click Join In to register.
Over the past 12 months we have been testing the bets from various pros at Betconnect and worked hard to put it through exhaustive testing, including over 7000 bets placed on horse racing, football and many other sports. Currently our return on investment, or ROI, is at just over 16% profit which is sound for any set of bets over a long period of time.

If you are to make good money from this partnership you will need to put work into it of course or you can just dabble for fun. All of those Pros who send you bets will have their historic record on show for you to see who is good and who isn't. So if you fancy being the bookmaker yourself, or you know a thing or two about a particular sport, or sports, then you can take on some of the poorer performers and just lay the bets. Tax and Commission free!


On the other hand if you are a pro or just have a really good handle on a sport you can also sign-up as a Pro and get your bets on at bookmaker prices when previously you have been barred from the very same bookmakers. 1% commission is all you will pay and that beats all the exchanges and there is no chance of getting your account restricted.

Imagine you have a horse that you fancy in a race but fear the price will shorten through the day before you can get enough money on. Exchanges will not help you early in the morning and the bookies will not take more than a few quid. But at Betconnect you can get your whole bet on early morning.

Up to £50 in Free Matched Bets’ promotional offer is only available to NEW PUNTER accounts. This offer is NOT available to Pro Accounts.

Betconnect UKGC license number is 44346
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