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Video Poker Games

Video poker games are an exciting game to add to your gaming experience. If you’re accustomed to only playing Texas Holdem Poker, Blackjack, slot machines, or free online bingo games, now is your chance to branch out. Video poker is simple to learn and online poker and casino rooms offer a great selection to choose from.

How to Play

In video online poker, players are dealt five cards after they make the required deposit. They then have the option of either keeping their cards or changing up to 5 of their cards. Hands are paid out according to their hand value. A Royal Flush pays out the highest and a single pair pays the lowest. Hand rankings are similar to those used in Texas Holdem Poker games.

Different Game Types

Players can enjoy playing a number of different variations of video poker. The standard game is the basic Jacks or Better game. In this game, you must have at least a single pair of Jacks or higher to win. You have the option of throwing out all five cards and drawing new ones. The best way to win this game is to hold any Jack or higher card.

A variant of the basic Jacks or Better game is Jokers Wild. You play with a 53 card deck where jokers are wild. Jokers can be played as any card or suit. Since the wild card increases your chance of getting a pair, only two pair hands and above are paid out. Your game strategy should be similar to a Jacks or Better game, except focus on getting two pairs instead of just one.

In Deuces Wild, all two’s are wild. They can played as any card or suit. Only three-of-a-kind hands and higher are paid out. You want to keep all your two’s, plus hands that can possibly make a flush or straight.

Progressive Video Poker is and exciting version of the game where a progressive jackpot can be shared among a whole network of online gaming rooms. Jackpot amounts can run high and are usually paid out when a player has a Royal Flush. Other progressive jackpots might pay out on different hands like a Royal Straight. The first player in a network that has the winning hand takes the pot.

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