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Welcome to the News desk.

Read [Online][UK] Dec 27th 2007.
 Tote site switches to Alderney
Read [Vegas][USA] Dec 12th 2007.
 Mob museum opens in Las Vegas
Read [Online][World] Dec 10th 2007.
 Absolute Poker gets caught
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 8th 2007.
 What is the damage to Racing?
Read [Racing][UK] Dec 7th 2007.
 Racing tarnished as Fallon goes free
Read [Betting][UK] Dec 4th 2007.
 Punters to be saved from Levy hike
Read [Betting][Italy] Nov 28th 2007.
 Racing to tax exchange punters
Read [Betting][UK] Nov 13th 2007.
 New SP system wins approval
Read [Betting][Italy] Nov 11th 2007.
 Italian tennis player banned for betting
Read [Betting][UK] Nov 2nd 2007.
 Betfair on course to produce own SPs
Read [Betting][France] Oct 29th 2007.
 Undercover police look for suspicious bets
Read [Poker][USA] Oct 26th 2007.
 Poker players march on Washington
Read [Casino][UK] Oct 20th 2007.
 "Fat Man"gets lucky over £2m debt
Read [Casino][USA] Oct 20th 2007.
 Motorcity gambles on casinos
Read [Betting][UK] Oct 9th 2007.
 Murray says match-fixing is common
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 9th 2007.
 Court told of race-fixing plot
Read [General][UK] Oct 3rd 2007.
 "Fat Man" tries to overturn £2m debt
Read [Online][UK] Oct 1st 2007.
 Betfair revenues leap after luring punters
Read [General][UK] Sep 29th 2007.
 FOBT terminals are like crack cocaine
Read [Online][UK] Sep 27th 2007.
 Compensation talks to end US online ban
Read [Racing][UK] Sep 24th 2007.
 Race-fixing trial gets underway
Read [Gambling][UK] Sep 19th 2007.
 250,000 problem gamblers in UK
Read [Poker][UK] Sep 17th 2007.
 Norwegian teenager - poker millionaire
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 29th 2007.
 Cheats beware, analysts are watching
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 13th 2007.
 17% of bets on horses that don't exist
Read [General][UK] Aug 9th 2007.
 Off-shore ads banned from UK
Read [Betting][UK] Aug 8th 2007.
 Experts probe tennis betting
Read [Betting][UK] Aug 4th 2007.
 Jail for sport's betting cheats
Read [Poker][UK] Jul 26th 2007.
 Man beats machine
Read [Racing][UK] Jul 25th 2007.
 Jockeys face 18-month ban
Read [Poker][UK] Jul 23rd 2007.
 Top players take on A I Poker machine
Read [Gambling][UK] Jul 15th 2007.
 Daily Mail covers up site
Read [Casino][UK] Jul 12th 2007.
 Brown U-turn over plan for supercasino
Read [Bingo][UK] Jun 28th 2007.
 Rank takes on the smoking ban
Read [Betting][UK] Jun 21st 2007.
 Gambling Act destroys bookies pitches
Read [Betting][UK] Jun 16th 2007.
 Clash of the gambling football shirts
Read [Betting][UK] Jun 7th 2007.
 Global Trifecta
Read [Racing][UK] Jun 6th 2007.
 Bookies in Turf TV war
Read [General][UK] Jun 4th 2007.
 Hot horses, hard drugs
Read [Betting][UK] May 25th 2007.
 Betonsports pleads guilty
Read [Lottery][UK] May 20th 2007.
 TV quizes deemed lotteries
Read [Betting][UK] May 18th 2007.
 Sports set for gambling windfall
Read [Racing][UK] May 16th 2007.
 Racing denies experiments on horses
Read [Casino][UK] May 13th 2007.
 Blackpool may get super casino as well
Read [Racing][UK] May 7th 2007.
 Flash Harry nails the jackpot twice
Read [Online][USA] Apr 27th 2007.
 Opposition grows to US gaming ban
Read [Racing][World] Apr 21st 2007.
 Punters lose in TurfTV wars
Read [Poker][UK] Apr 15th 2007.
 Poker clubs bet on legal action
Read [Internet][World] Apr 2nd 2007.
 WTO rules USA gambling ban illegal
Read [Casino][UK] Apr 1st 2007.
 Last roll of dice for Tessa Jowell
Read [Casino][UK] Mar 28th 2007.
 Jowell offers rebels casino compromise
Read [Betting][World] Mar 24th 2007.
 Gangsters betting on world cricket
Read [Las Vegas][USA] Mar 14th 2007.
 Stardust Casino bites the dust
Read [Gambling][UK] Mar 13th 2007.
 Gambling adverts become legal
Read [Betting][UK] Mar 7th 2007.
 Bwin tries to acquire Sportingbet
Read [Poker][UK] Mar 4th 2007.
 World Series of Poker comes to London
Read [Casino][UK] Mar 1st 2007.
 High stakes gambler must pay £2m debt
Read [Online][Europe] Feb 28th 2007.
 PartyGaming closes French website
Read [Casino][UK] Feb 25th 2007.
 MPs set to change Super-Casino decision
Read [Betting][UK] Feb 24th 2007.
 Betting shop screens go blank in April
Read [Tax][UK] Feb 24th 2007.
 Chancellor gives tax break to gamblers
Read [Casino][UK] Feb 22nd 2007.
 Ladbrokes eyes Manchester supercasino
Read [Bingo][UK] Feb 15th 2007.
 Rank closes sites due to smoking ban
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 8th 2007.
 RaceO jackpot goes past £1,000,000
Read [Racing][UK] Feb 6th 2007.
 Mrs Haddock wins £688,620 from £2
Read [Casino][UK] Jan 30th 2007.
 Manchester gets UK's supercasino
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 27th 2007.
 Jockeys in corruption probe
Read [Casino][UK] Jan 27th 2007.
 Virgin to open in Macau
Read [Poker][UK] Jan 17th 2007.
 Jury condems poker as luck
Read [Online][USA] Jan 17th 2007
 Neteller founders arrested
Read [Casino][UK] Jan 16th 2007.
 007 gadgets to cheat casino
Read [Casino][UK] Jan 15th 2007.
 Super-casino 'will spark crime wave'
Read [Poker][UK] Jan 11th 2007.
 Jury rules on poker
Read [Poker][UK] Dec 29th 2006.
 Party buys Empire
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