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Welcome to the News desk.

Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jan 7th 2009.
 Ladbrokes TV ads banned
Read [General][UK] Jan 6th 2009.
 Gambling levy forced on gaming firms
Read [Poker][World] Dec 17th 2008.
 PartyGaming founder pleads guilty in US
Read [Betting][UK] Dec 17th 2008.
 Parliament to review suspect sport betting
Read [Poker][World] Nov 15th 2008.
 Dane wins world title
Read [Racing][UK] Nov 14th 2008.
 Big hitters line up huge stakes for Scoop6
Read [Racing][UK] Nov 4th 2008.
 Sweeping change to racing levy
Read [Betting][UK] Oct 29th 2008.
 FA match-fixing hits wall of silence
Read [Racing][UK] Oct 24th 2008.
 Blockley and McKeown banned
Read [Betting][UK] Oct 17th 2008.
 Championship game investigation
Read [Casino][UK] Sep 4th 2008.
 Judge writes off Fat Man's £2m debts
Read [Money][UK] Aug 31st 2008.
 Your money is safe with Premium Bonds
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 19th 2008.
 Trainers get 'insider knowledge' lessons
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 9th 2008.
 Bookies lose turf war with racecourses
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 8th 2008.
 Roulette machines take more than horses
Read [Racing][UK] Aug 6th 2008.
 Activist punter gets widespread support
Read [Racing][UK] Jul 27th 2008.
 Last days of Walthamstow Stadium
Read [Poker][UK] Jul 19th 2008.
 Students sort for poker life
Read [Racing][UK] Jul 17th 2008.
 Caborn admitts failure over Tote sale
Read [Las Vegas][Eire] Jul 11th 2008.
 Vegas poker dealer turns hitman
Read [Racing][UK] Jul 4th 2008.
 £10m competition to boost profile of racing
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jul 3rd 2008.
 William Hills withdraws from Italy
Read [Racing][UK] Jun 25th 2008.
 Ascot Tote betting suffers 10% drop
Read [Betting][UK] Jun 13th 2008.
 French ruling bad for punters
Read [Racing][UK] Jun 11th 2008.
 Walthamstow greyhound stadium to close
Read [Las Vegas][USA] Jun 6th 2008.
 Packer scraps his plans for tallest casino
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jun 5th 2008.
 Bookie cries foul over BBC goal betting
Read [Betting][UK] May 20th 2008.
 Suspect betting linked to 45 matches
Read [Bookmaker][UK] May 17th 2008.
 Ladbrokes wins but loses High-Rollers
Read [Bookmaker][UK] May 13th 2008.
 Marlon Samuels facing two-year ban
Read [Bingo][UK] May 11th 2008.
 New taxes kill UK's passion for bingo
Read [Racing][UK] May 2nd 2008.
 Trainer and jockey in new corruption case
Read [Betting][UK] Apr 29th 2008.
 French Open forced to allow betting
Read [Internet][UK] Apr 23rd 2008.
 Gambling ads banned by watchdog
Read [Racing][UK] Apr 16th 2008.
 Doddin's retirement over-shadowed
Read [Racing][UK] Apr 10th 2008.
 Less winter racing to come
Read [Racing][UK] Apr 2nd 2008.
 New National leaves protestors trailing
Read [Bookmaker][World] Mar 28th 2008.
 Tennis authorities become more pathetic
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Mar 26th 2008.
 Bookies corner market
Read [Racing][UK] Mar 18th 2008.
 John McCririck slips from TV saddle
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Mar 13th 2008.
 Gambler's court challenge fails
Read [Online][Europe] Mar 11th 2008.
 Mandelson pot shot at prohibitionists
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Mar 7th 2008.
 Gala Coral loses half its value
Read [Bookmakers][UK] Mar 1st 2008.
 Boom in touch-screen roulette
Read [Casino][UK] Feb 27th 2008.
 Super Casino scrapped
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Feb 25th 2008.
 Punter scooped a million from 50p bet
Read [Las Vegas][USA] Feb 16th 2008.
 Vegas monorail going broke
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Feb 14th 2008.
 Gambler sues bookmaker for £2.1m
Read [Casino][UK] Feb 10th 2008.
 You can beat the system
Read [Casino][UK] Feb 7th 2008.
 Plans to scrap supercasinos
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jan 24th 2008.
 Tracks to compensate on-course bookies
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 23rd 2008.
 Fallon case could reach £5m
Read [Poker][UK] Jan 18th 2008.
 Warne's poker playing snubs Hampshire
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 15th 2008.
 Jockey accused of gross incompetence
Read [Bookmaker][UK] Jan 12th 2008.
 Bookies set for dramatic boom
Read [Poker][UK] Jan 8th 2008.
 Founder of Late Night Poker dies at 35
Read [Casino][UK] Jan 8th 2008.
 Colleges go for a spin
Read [Racing][UK] Jan 3rd 2008.
 TurfTV cuts money for Racing
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