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orse alk
Handicaps, trainers & horses for courses
If you’re trying to make it pay at gambling on horse racing, simplicity is so often the best way.

Most of us mere mortals don’t have any kind of insider knowledge of the sport – even if we may think we do. Successful gambling for us, then, is a war of attrition. We simply need to try and win more than we lose given the value, and to come out ahead over a long period of time. This is stating the screamingly obvious, of course, but to bear this in mind may also be the key to success: simplicity works best.

We’re all dreaming of big wins and big-priced winners but remember that if you could make 10% over the course of several hundred bets in a year, you’d be beating most professional fund managers hands-down. Most gamblers come nowhere near this kind of performance, whatever they may tell you.

One way you may achieve this kind of result is in using your study of racing statistics or finding good horse racing guides to follow individual trainers at their specialist courses and betting only in handicaps at odds bigger than the field – so at least 9/1 or better in a ten-horse race etc.

What you’re then looking for is the perfect “Venn diagram” of a trainer you know to have a successful hit rate at a particular course, along with a horse at a good price you think will be trying – but which the market has overlooked, relatively speaking. This may sound an obvious strategy, but it’s surprising how few and far between you’ll find such opportunities. And when you do – there’ll always seem to be good reasons, like a poor last run, ground against the horse etc. You must have the courage of your convictions to ignore such extraneous noise and to be a little contrarian, trusting only your own judgment.

Remember – if the market were always right, this game would be easy.

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