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Do Horse Race Tipping Services Actually Work?
There is no simple answer to the question of whether horse race tipping services and communities actually work. The answer lies in which horse racing tips community that you join. Some horse tipping communities are an excellent resource for punters to gather information and make informed decisions about their horse betting decisions. On the other hand, some are probably best avoided by the smart punter.

Every punter knows that to ensure you are going to win, the next horse you bet on must be a good horse. There are no guarantees in horse racing betting but at least it does tip the scales of probability to your advantage if you have got quality tips about betting on the right horses.

One of the most frequent tips these communities provide their members is on horses that have a strong past record of winning but have been experiencing a form slump in the past few races. Generally they will get inside information from the trainers, jockeys and other industry participants that indicates the horse may be back in peak condition and therefore provide a tip on the horse to win to members at long odds. Some of this information is given away for free but most tipping services are based around small monthly subscription fees.

The cheapest paid horse racing tips are usually found in the form guide and articles in major newspapers like the Guardian. Unfortunately these tips have low accuracy and the win-loss ratio often is not great because they lack the insider knowledge. The higher end horse race tipping services use insider knowledge and they charge significant amounts of money to be a member of their communities. I guess it comes down to “you get what you pay for”.

Horse owners frequently setup their horses to lose (as crazy as it sounds to the average punter). Then the betting public will think the horse is going to continue losing but in reality it has just been the trainer holding the horse back on purpose for their own financial gain. The horse owners well know that no one is going to bet on a horse out of form and the odds will blow out. Then when the horse comes back to form, those with the information will win big.

That’s one of the big advantages of subscribing to a horse racing tips service and community. They have the contacts to get good, high quality information about these types of scams that are happening in the horse racing business. It is this information which leads to big winners and that is why horse tipping services continue to be popular for punters.

My guess is that as a punter you are betting to win, not to lose. A good horse tipping service and community like Equus Racing can make that happen for you. A poor horse tipping service on the other hand will make you lose the lot. So carefully choosing which service to use for your betting is very important. Choose a tipping service with a public record of wins and losses. Any reputable horse race tips service will have been been established for at least five years. Do not choose a horse betting community that promises unrealistic returns or win to loss ratio. Satisfied customers and the chance to speak with them before signing up is definitely desirable. Any horse racing tips service promising the world for little money should be an instant red flag for the smart punter. Not all the horse racing tipsters were created equal! Best of luck to you in your search for a great horse racing tipster community.

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