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The Dawn of Sports Gambling for Women

Women have made great headway in the world of sports over the last 20 years. Setting aside contact sports like football and hockey, women are now represented by an impressive list of professional sports leagues, not to mention elite individual and amateur sports. With the current increase in the number of sports betting sites, it’s only a matter of time before women sports gamblers start flocking into the marketplace.

Make no mistake about, gambling is no long confined to the “good ole boys.” In increasing numbers, women are gracing casinos, race tracks and poker rooms all over the world. Unlike days gone past, their activities are no longer confined to playing slot machines, bingo and standing next to their partners at the craps or blackjack tables. They are full-fledged participants at every level. .

So why not sports gambling? One might be quick to point out that women still show little interest in watching sports. While that may have been true in the past, women do like watching sports due in large part to the way they also enjoy playing sports. The fact they play sports makes in much more likely they will show support for women sports leagues and organizations. As their interest in watching sports grows, it’s only a matter of time before they start showing an interest in betting on sports.

Let’s take a look at what wagering opportunities women have on sports represented by women. There are now viable professional sports leagues in women’s soccer, softball and basketball. WNBA anyone? Women’s professional tennis and golf have also become mainstream spectator sports, even by men. At the college level, women’s basketball has become one of the top sports betting options in the wintertime. The bottom line is this: If people show an interest in a sport, it’s very likely that betting shops and online sports books are going to post betting lines.

Of course, there are still some socio-economic reasons why women might be reluctant to enter a sports book. Back in the days of smokie sports books and poker rooms, there was a stigma assigned to women who would go into those types of establishments. Admittedly, there were not the kind of environments one would expect to find their mother or sister. With all that said, this is the year 2017. Europe’s top betting shops, Atlantic City and Las Vegas have all made great strides to make its casinos much more family friendly, especially for women. Also, most women now possess enough financial independence to make them viable marketing targets for the gaming industry.

That brings us to the Internet. Access to sports gambling has never been easier from many new betting sites in the UK. With a simple computer or mobile device and Internet connection, gamblers can gain access to dozens of reliable online sports books. That effectively allows anyone to gamble in privacy if they so desire. The only thing that’s missing is a full fledge effort to market sports gambling to the world’s fastest growing segment of online gamblers, women.
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