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Sports betting: All the Tips and Tricks

Sports betting, next to playing casino card games online, is arguably one of the fastest emerging betting niches in the world today. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the returns or profits from sports betting are high if one knows his way around the sport, he is betting on and the second reason is that sports betting is highly entertaining. It’s not that the entertainment is derived from the potential of regular winnings per se but it’s just that there is something about sports betting that makes it entertaining and enjoyable.

For those looking to be entertained by sports betting as well, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top tips and tricks that will make your sports betting experience worthwhile.

Join a betting forum

In order to become good at something, you need to learn from the very best. This is why we urge every sports bettor to choose and join a betting forum of his or her own choice so that you can share and learn first-hand from the experiences of others.


Whether you are an amateur starting out or you are already a pro, you need to experiment with all the systems and strategies available to sports betting. Sports betting encompasses many things, including different betting markets. Familiarise and get accustomed to all of them so you know which ones are you are good at and which ones you are not good at..

Do not be gullible

We have already stated that it’s important that you join betting forums; however, we need to explicitly stress it out that by joining a betting forum does not imply that you should be an ardent student of everything that is said there. Learn to be objective and always trust your own judgement when placing bets rather than following the advice of those who you supposedly think are ‘experts’.

Learn to handle failure

Sports betting is a bumpy road, today you may be winning with your every bet and the next everything will be going in the opposite direction. When winning, do not get carried away, rather practice to take a break even when you are on a winning streak and when things are not going your way, do not be disheartened, keep the faith and remember the turn is just around the corner.

Discredit personal bias

Sports betting is one field of betting that is easily influenced by personal bias. The majority of sports bettor are people who are enthusiastic about sports and support their chosen team/s. even if you are placing a bet on a ticket that includes the team you support, do not let personal bias be a determinant of your choice of bet, and always learn to be objective.

Learn the lingo

Sports betting includes many terms and phrases that are not used in everyday language. However, to be successful in sports betting make sure that you search and keep a comprehensive list of sports betting terms so that you are always knowledgeable when you visit the casino.

Keep betting records

It’s important that you keep your betting tickets i.e. even if it’s a losing ticket. This serves primarily two purposes, one, by learning where you were wrong, you could look for ways to improve. Two, by keeping betting records, you keep track of your bankroll, by doing this you avoid overspending.

Compare odds every time

There are certain areas in which loyalty is everything but when it comes to sports betting, this is not true. Do not use the same sportsbook just because you like the name or it’s your favourite because you may be undermining yourself greatly. Always play at the sportsbook offering great odds. Nowadays, it’s much easier because you do not have to peruse the internet looking for sportsbooks one by one but you can just check the odds on odds comparison sites.

Always choose online than land-based sportsbooks

Online and land-based sportsbooks may seem the same at surface level but they are in fact different. To stand a better chance of winning regularly and big for that matter, always opt for online sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks have relatively low overhead costs hence offer more in terms of odds, promotional offers,and bonuses.
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