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Learn Techniques from Golf Betting to Beat the Opposition

Golf betting is so varied that it mirrors all other sports betting and can offer lessons to all, and you might even take up betting it yourself. Its also continuous, that is there are tournaments every week of the year and most of the time there are multiple tournaments. You can bet outrights, place, match-ups, groups, handicaps, 2 balls, 3 balls, make or miss the cut and even teams (Daily Fantasy Sports), plus many others for the big events. There are two main tours for the men, the USPGA Tour and European Tour. There are also many minor tours and the equivalent womens tours, though only the US tour and majors come into consideration for betting purposes.

First and foremost is value, that is you are betting with advantage at the highest price available. What advantage is will be down to your methods and analysis. But highest price is simple, you need to have multiple accounts with many bet vendors like bookmakers and exchanges to be able to get the top price. To do this just take up offers you see, for instance a new £20 free bet from Ladbrokes just started and gives you a way to open an account and get a bonus along with it. Now you are ready whenever they have the top price for a bet you are interested in.

Most golf tournaments have in excess of 125 players and even the best odds makers and professionals can not keep tabs on every aspect of every player. These days all the top golfers in the world have social media accounts and they can't stay away from the likes of Twitter. They are always giving away bits of information that give you the chance to build a picture of their mental state and their game. The only way to advantage is to put in the time and effort to follow huge amounts of information and pick out the useful bits.

One great story from Jason Sobel, the ESPN and Golf Channel senior golf writer, comes from the 2008 Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, Hawaii, first tournament of the year. When sitting in the press tent before the start of the event a well known golf hack entered the room in a sweaty bedragled state. He had just walked nine practice holes with Daniel Chopra of Sweden. The man declared he had just been with the winner because not only was he playing well but that Chopra had just spent a month playing the course on the X-Box Tiger Woods game. He won of course but now that sort of thing is on Twitter.

Lots of hype from pros about 'just had a baby', just turned 40 and others. Ignore them unless you have a real piece of analysis. Case in point is Phil Mickelson. Before the 2017 Open Championship he declared he would leave the driver in the locker room. Point being he had been wild off the tee with the driver and at the Royal Birkdale Open that is plain death. This news was on every media outlet. The important point however about Phil was that he was wild off the tee with every club and he went on to miss the cut easily. So select information carefully.

Daily Fantasy Sports
In countries where real betting is available the DFS participation is low and there is not the interest there is in the USA for instance. But they have at their disposal new tools that allow statistical analysis in depth over recent tournament results that previously you had to work all week for just to get some of it. For as little as $10 per month the people you are up against, whether bookie or punter, have at their finger tips some top level analysis. You must get some yourself if you are going to compete.

Head versus heart is always a battle. You must have a way of evaluating odds with real numbers. This way you can remove any bias which all people have. If this means betting against your favourite team or player then you can always leave that bet out. But remember, you are likely to know more about them than any other so bite the bullet and place the bet. Premier league winners Leicester City is a less than once in a lifetime result. Its not happening again in your lifetime.
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