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Get the Best Odds for your Football Bets

Today Football Betting is the largest sports betting market because of the shear scale of the sport around the world and the relentless marketing of bet types by bookmakers who have tied themselves into the sport, whether by sponsorship or tie-ups. If you've seen an Everton shirt with a sponsors name on it that you never heard of and then you find out that it is a bookmaker based in Kenya, you know there is big money in this sports betting market.

But is wasn't always like this. Not long ago Horse Racing was dominant and bookies would not accept bets on a single football match, trebles minimum was the rule, as if it was too risky or it would corrupt football. Ho far we have come!?

For nearly eight decades from 1923 when Littlewoods invented the pools system for football, the only real access for a punter to the world of football betting was trying to pick eight score draws from the Saturday league matches. Originally ground breaking it simply became archaic when bookmakers were legalised in 1960 but there was no other outlet for the punter. Yet even now it is still popular because of the oldest trick in the book, huge payout for a small stake.

There have been some mighty payouts in the past and there is no better example than Michael Elliott who won £3,001,551 in 2010. The headlines ran his story, life-changing win all from a £2 stake. They didn't mention that an accumulator at bookmaker odds would have returned £428,000,000, not that any bookmaker would payout such an amount. But they do payout £2m for accas and the same bet made for 1p would have won the current max £2m payout. In fact he could have had 200 acca bets for the £2 he laid out for his pools bet. Or five years of bets betting one per week.

Had Mr Elliott been a bit more internet savvy then Football predictions from Kickoff would have given him 200 times as many ways to win with the same life changing result at the best odds available.

Fortunately that now we are well into the 21st century there are many more sophisticated football bets available and plenty of best odds available search options to get the best value for your money.

The big money heads for this bet, predicting whether the total goals in a match will be over or under a number, most often 2.5 but that varies according to the match or league. For instance the Premier matches average 2.4 goals but the Serie A averages 3.21. You can choose over/under 3.5 or 4.5 if you want a bet at greater odds.

Win, Lose, Draw, Handicaps
Simple prices for the three results or the same with handicap goals included to balance uneven games. Very popular.

Correct Scores
Predicting the final score has attracted a lot of attention for a number of years with so many ways to analyse the odds. Serious number crunching needed here and the bookies are no slouches but they can be beaten.

Betting on Cards
A lessor used bet is where you bet on red and yellow cards. Normally a points system where a Yellow Card is one point and a red Card is two points. This is attractive because the bookies spend a lot of time on the the main bets above that there are still niches where you can out-research them. This is one of those.

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)
With 51% of matches in Europe's big five leagues over the last five years resulting in both teams scoring this is the perfect coin toss for bookmakers to offer prices for. Becoming increasingly popular. Many angles for the punter to get stuck into as weak teams score more than you would think against the top sides.

Asian Handicaps
Football is the only major sport where the draw plays a significant part of the likely result, unless you count cricket. Asian Handicaps are designed to eliminate the draw from the result.

Whatever way you bet always get the best odds, lowest margins and highest limits with safe partners.
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