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Biggest Horse Racing Betting Annual Events Globally

The Epsom Derby, the oldest horseracing event on this list, does not attract the attention of the crowds simply because of the thoroughbreds taking part. The biggest horse races around the world are those that manage to gain the attention of the mass media, and enjoy great press coverage while racking up millions of dollars in bets. They also will generally possess a historical value that has bettors and spectators flocking to the grounds annually –these races date back over 2 000 years, with the earliest events taking place at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, and you can bet your bottom dollar punters were playing the ponies back then as well.

Number 5: The Epsom Derby
The Epsom Derby first took place in 1780, and is today one of the most important flat horse racing events in Britain. The Royal Family attends each June when Derby serves as England’s Triple Crown middle leg, and watches the 3-year thoroughbreds speed across 1 mile, 4 furlongs, and 10 yards of grass. The venue is the Epsom Downs in Surrey, England, and up to 120 000 people attend. The prize purse for this race is a cool £1.325 million.

Number 4: The Breeder’s Cup Classic
The Breeder’s Cup Classic is the richest horse race to take place on USA soil, and is the newest addition to this list, with its origins dating back to 1984.

Horses of 3-years old and above take to the 1.25 mile dirt track at a variety of venues around America, with the exception being the time in 1996 when it was run in Toronto, in Canada. The prize purse for this race is $5 million, and punters can see if they can back a winner at horse racing betting sites around the world.

Number 3: Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe
Paris’ Prix de L’Arc is the richest turf grass horse race in the world, and is also one of Europe’s most noteworthy festivals. Commonly referred to as the Arc, this event takes place on the first Sunday in October each year. It covers a distance of 2 400 meters, with 3-year olds and older horses taking part. The purse is €5,000,000.

Number 2: The Dubai World Cup
While this horse race may have more money than any other on this list, its history has it losing out on the first ranking. There is a guaranteed prize of $10 million for this event, however, which certainly has it appearing on a list of the biggest horse racing betting annual events to take place globally. The 2 000 meter run is held once a year at the Meydan Dubai Racecourse, and is usually held on dirt. Northern Hemisphere thoroughbreds of at least 4-years of age may take part alongside those from the Southern Hemisphere of a minimum of 3-years of age.

Number 1: The Kentucky Derby
The Kentucky Derby was first run in 1875, is the American Triple Crown leading leg and one of the most well known horse races in the world. The first Saturday in May sees the horse’s racing over 1.25 miles for the $2 million purse, and it remains one of the biggest gambling draws in the USA, with hundreds of millions of dollars exchanging hands each year..
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