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Get to know all welcome offers
that are offered by casinos

If you enjoy a relaxing 15 minutes playing at an online casino you will have noticed that there are many casinos out there advertising great offers for you to sign-up and it makes sense to consider trying a new operator if they are going to give you some money to become a member. There will also be continued promises of future added money should you reload, or top-up your account with extra funds, in the future. It is however important you understand what the conditions of the bonuses are because you will be signing a contract to get them, and the contract will have multiple rules.

No Wagering Offers

There a growing number of casinos advertising no-wagering sign-ups, meaning that when you take the casino welcome offer you are not committed to a lot of gambling with your deposit and bonus funds to qualify to keep the money they put into your account. These are great but they all have fair play rules, meaning you have to act like a real customer and not just bet Red and Black on the same roulette wheel to pretend that you a player, and anyway it might come up Green! Its not worth it, just play normally.

Most of the time however the you will see 100% or even 200% sign-up bonuses on offer that come with lots of conditions.

Must Wager Requirements

When you see wagering requirements are set you have to complete them to be able to withdraw any money. If you withdraw before reaching the stated amount you lose all the bonus, not just part of it. These must-wager rules mean you will have to gamble from 10 to 100 times your deposit to retain bonus money they put into your account.

  •  Check exactly how much - some site rules will say 25x wagering is required and mostly they mean your deposit plus your bonus together. So if you deposit £100 then you have to bet (100+100) x 25, or £5,000!

  •  Check which games qualify - nearly all casinos we have seen will also stipulate in the Ts & Cs that the only game that counts a full bet for the purpose of adding up how much you have played is slots. This means all the money you bet on roulette counts for nothing towards it or a precentage of the bet you place, like 25%. This is the same for blackjack and all low house edge games you find in the casinos.

Check which sites the operator owns or is partner of

This is quite important. Many sites have partner sites which are basically identical except the name and branding. This means they will have a clause which states they will only give you one bonus across all sites. BUT they are unlikely to tell you this until the event happens that you qualify for the bonus and then they will refuse to pay you and any winnings from the bonus money. Seems wrong but they can do it. Avoid this!

Check anyone else at your address has already played for the bonus

Sounds strange but if some else has already been through the bonus aquiring process at your address they can do the same as above, take your bonus and any associated winnings from the bonus away. Seems unfair but you don't want to get caught out.

Don't deposit with e-wallets

Using PayPal, Skrill or others including crypto-currencies to open your account or reload will not get you any of the bonuses.

Don't Cancel unless you have to

Any cancellation before the bonus conditions have been met will not only forfeit your bonus but also any money won with bonus funds. Of course if you have run out of money in the account and want to stop then don't go chasing the result by adding more.

Be aware of the time limits

All bonuses come with a period of time you have to complete within. It all forfeits if you don't make it. They run from 14-30 days typically. Again don't press with money you do not want to just to meet the deadline.

Decline the Bonus if you are just playing casually

If you are sensibly wary of the conditions of the bonus and think they might tempt to gamble too much then just locate the tick box on sign-up to say you do not want to be part of the bonus contract. This can save a lot of headache when you have winnings that they then take away because you had not realised that you were in a “bonus” contract.

Play at an Online Casino with a license

Don't take chances with a glossy looking website that has a name that might seem familiar. There are plenty of legit operators with online casinos that gives you some level of protection. First thing to do is look at the bottom of the Home Page. All legit operators have details about their license there. If in doubt check with the UKGC website for licensed onlince casino operators.
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