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2002 is the year of the "Horse in the Military". Though customarily peaceful animals this year's horse is one which in military service. As such it is necessary for the horse not only to obey orders, but in many cases to act against its natural inclination. With the discipline of military training also comes a heightened sense of loyalty. Sadly this can be at the cost of understanding and compassion, so be careful so that you are not unduly harsh or too quick to judge.

Life for the "Horse in the Military" is not an easy one, and sometimes there is an inclination to kick out in frustration and anger. This is rarely done to superiors, and therefore it is more likely that your close friends and family will bear the brunt of your dissatisfaction. Be aware that this is likely and be ready to apologise for outbursts or unfair comments.

This is a year in which you may find that you are asked to do things which you don't want to do. Weigh up carefully what is being asked. Although short term gain may not be evident, it is the nature of the "Horse in the Military" to act first and ask later. You will need to balance personal feelings with the wider good. Rather like the person with a carrying pole with buckets on each end you must keep two weights balanced and then the journey will be much easier. Imbalance brings difficulties that you will have to carry for some time.

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