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World Series Of Poker
Apr 21st - May 18th, 2001

Jesse May reports - World Championship Reports
14th -18th May - $10,000 Championship Holdem (No limit) - 613 (512) players (+20%), another record! Prizepool $6,130,000 (+20%). 1st prize $1,500,000 (0%). Just twelve players short of pushing the first prize to $2,000,000. Second prize will be the fourth biggest poker prize in history.

See Championship Reports for the diary of the five day event and the Result here.
Prize fund total $17,720,482 (+16%). Final player total 5738 (+16%).
13th May - $1000 Women's Championship (limit) - 106 (133) players (-20%), last years was a record. Prizepool $102,820 (-23%). 1st prize $41,130 (-23%). Nani Dollison makes it two Bracelets this year and retains her Women,s World Championship crown. She now has 3 Bracelets and is clear all time money leader for woman. Results
Prize fund total so far $11,693,302. Running player total 5125 (+10%) would translate into 562 players for the Championship.
12th May - $5000 Holdem (limit) - 161 (142) players (+13%), a record. Prizepool $780,850 (+10%). 1st prize $312,340 (+10%). London's Hamish Shah makes it England's first Bracelet this year! Suffering from illness didn't stop Hamish putting up the $5,000 for the Limit event which is clearly not his game of experience. In the final he looked the most experienced player of a final situation and when three-way he managed to make a big call against an extended bluff. With other wins behind him he should be in good position to challenge for the big one. Results
Prize fund total so far $11,590,482. Running player total 5019 (+11%) would translate into 568 players for the Championship.
11th May - $5000 Omaha HiLo (limit) - 107 (99) players (+8%), a record. Prizepool $518,950 (+5%). 1st prize $207,580 (+5%). We had the Hellmuth/Cloutier battle two weeks ago, yesterday there was Chan/Seidel and now this tournament produced Hellmuth/Nguyen. Its been a great series for world class heads-up action. Money leader Cloutier couldn't contend and exited 8th. Bonetti, newly into the Seniors Hall of Fame, made it to the three way action but left quickly for the crowd to see a long two man show. Phil had the record 8th Bracelet on his arm with Scotty down to just 3 big blinds left. Sadly for it wasn't to be and the Omaha specialist took his fourth Bracelet. This can only be just a delay before Hellmuth puts on the crown. Results
Prize fund total so far $10,809,632. Running player total 4858 (+11%) would translate into 567 players for the Championship.
10th May - $3000 Holdem (No Limit) - 382 (301) players (+27%), a record. Prizepool $1,111,620 (+23%). 1st prize $411,300 (+23%). This was a class final that included two Bracelet winners this year and the great Eric Seidel and Johnny Chan as chip leaders. Nobody could make an impression on the two chip leaders and indeed the heads-up battle was one sided, with Chan taking a big lead. Eric Seidel however knows more about getting value with a short stack than anyone and he found a free ticket to ride the "Oriental Express", as double world champion Chan is known. Seidel's win leapfrogs him into 5th spot all time, just $1000 from Ferguson's 4th. It is also revenge for the 1988 World Championship final when they were heads-up. Chan moves to within $10k of top all-time money winner. The Hendon mob's Ram Vaswani (The Cool) is top non-American finisher in 11th spot. The monster field produces another $1m plus prize fund and indicates that the Championship event will be bigger than expected. Results
Prize fund total so far $10,290,682. Running player total 4751 (+11%) would translate into 567 players for the Championship.
9th May - $5000 Seven Card Stud (limit) - 104 (101) players, equalling the record. Prizepool $504,000 (-0%). 1st prize $201,760 (-0%). Allen Cunningham, 24 year old talent from California picks up first spot in a quiet final table with no big names. This follows the pattern of no names (although tough players) in the limit tournaments and top names in the pot/no limit games. Von Halle takes 8th for a rare last table finish for a non American/British player. Results
Running player total 4369 (+9%) would translate into 560 players for the Championship.
8th May - $3000 Holdem (Pot Limit) - 226 (200) players, up 13%. Prizepool $657,660 (+10%). 1st prize $243,335 (+10%). Steve Zolotow, long time famous player in the gambling world, takes his first Bracelet ahead of England's Mike Magee. Dobson, 3rd at PokerMillion, finishes 6th and looks ahead to the big event. Europe toughest heads-up player, Ben Roberts, goes out in 9th. Top players and Championship favourites Seidel, Tsiprailidis and Juanda took the other spots. Seidel moves into 9th all-time money winner and Ferguson (24th) is top performer this Series with six cash places. Results
Running player total 4265 (+10%) would translate into 561 players for the Championship.
7th May - $5000 Deuce to Seven (limit) - 33 (30) players, 43 (35) rebuys, a record. Prizepool $368,600. 1st prize $165,870. Explain the game. Top professional Howard Lederer takes his second Bracelet from in-form Freddy Deeb. Its his second Bracelet in 18 final table appearances. Deeb has previously won this specialised event. Important to note this is a No-Limit game and therefore in no way similar to Ace-to-Five. The top three spots went to local Vegas players. Results
Running player total 4039 (+9%) would translate into 560 players for the Championship.
7th May - $1000 Seniors Championship (No Limit Holdem) - 340 players in this first running of the Seniors Championship event. Its a two day affair, results later. Prizepool $340,000. 1st prize $115,430. Explain the Game. Many famous names competed in this event which has shown to be very popular. The age limit (50) clearly doesn't reduce the quality of players and a hard fight ensued with Jay Heimowitz going in chip leader and coming out winner. This is his 5th Bracelet, the only person to win in four straight decades. Results
Running player total 4006 (+9%) would translate into 560 players for the Championship.
6th May - $2500 Omaha HiLo (limit) - 179 (160) players, (+12%). Prizepool $434,075 (+9%). 1st prize $173,625 (+9%). Explain the game. The man from Omaha, Nebraska, wins his first major competition anywhere against double Bracelet winner Tony Ma. Infact Slezak's best previous performance was winning $25 buy-in tournaments. He was as shocked as he was delighted. Results
Running player total 3666 (+9%) would translate into 560 players for the Championship.
5th May - $1500 Ace to Five Lowball Draw (limit) - 127 (127) players. Prizepool $184,785 (-3%). 1st prize $73,915 (-3%). Explain the game. This is one of the oldest games in the WSOP and is not as popular as the modern games. There were a few years when it wasn't played. This time a complete split between the Sunshine state and the Desert, showing just how dominant these two states are in poker in the USA. Long time player Yamagawa takes the title after 20 years at the WSOP. Hellmuth picks up another money spot to share top performance with Ferguson at this years series. (A win, a final and two money finishes) Results
Running player total 3487 (+9%) would translate into 560 players for the Championship.
4th May - $2500 Seven Card Stud HiLo (limit) - 162 (129) players (+26%). Prizepool $390,770 (+21%). 1st prize $159,080 (+23%). Explain the game The neighbouring poker states, Nevada and California, filled all the spots bar one in this technical game. The only spoiler was the perennial Mickey Appleman from the other poker state, New Jersey. World Champ. Ferguson finishes 5th and has a win, a final and two money finishes to be top performer this year so far. Results
Running player total 3360 (+10%) would translate into 562 players for the Championship.
3rd May - $2500 Omaha Pot Limit - 102 (100) players (82 rebuys), up 2% on last year but the record is 111(1999). Prizepool $446,200 (-8%). 1st prize $178,480 (-8%). Explain the game This is a rebuy tournament, players can buy back in once they're busted out in the first two hours of play. Some heavyweights went adrift in the semi-finals including Chris Ferguson, Phil Helmuth, Steve Zolotow and Bracelet winner a week ago, Barry Shulman. Ali Sarkesheik of London went in third and finished third. But it was 1998 World Champ. who edged out the Cincinnati Kid. Nguyen was let off the hook when there were just three left. Had Lester not said "call" as he pushed all his chips in (and therefore only making a call), Nguyen would have been out third. As it was he was left with just 4% of the chips from where he went on to win talking all the time.Results
Running player total 3198 (+9%) would translate into 558 players for the Championship.
2nd May - $1500 Razz - 144 (129) players, up 12% on last year but the record is 160(1997). Prizepool $209,520 (+8%). 1st prize $83,810 (+8%). Explain the game All time leader in WSOP placings, Berry Johnstone, pushed his lead out by taking his fourth Bracelet in his twenty year stint at the WSOP. Berry was World Champion in 1986. He now moves into 6th all time money winner position. Result
Running player total 3096 (+9%) would translate into 559 players for the Championship.
1st May - $2000 Holdem (pot limit) - 270 (235) players, up 15% on last year and a new record. Prizepool $523,800 (+11%). 1st prize $193,000 (+11%). Devilfish near misses once again but shows his dominance in the Pot Limit arena. Early chip leader, the beer drinking Nguyen, raced further ahead by removing Sexton and Easterday quickly but failed to realise he wasn't immortal. He took many blows, the last by Devilfish who went leader in the headsup battle. The cards weren't there though and Ulliot takes two 2nd's from two pot-limits. All time leader in WSOP placings, Berry Johnstone, took another small pile in 24th. Result
Running player total 2952 (+8%) would translate into 555 players for the Championship.
30th April - $2500 Seven Card Stud (limit) - 152 (151) players. Prizepool $368,600 (-2%). 1st prize $ 223,490 (-2%). Paul Darden, newcomer to the big league of poker, is clearly in form as he makes two final tables in three days (you can't do three) and picks this Bracelet up in fine professional style. Notable exits in the semi-final were John Spadavecchia, always present in the money at the WSOP and Chris Ferguson, current World Champ. and a winner this year already. Result
Running player total 2682 (+7½%) would translate into 551 players for the Championship.
29th April - $3000 Holdem (limit) - 192 (200) players. Prize pool $558,720 (-7%). A mixed bag of players with one superstar on a low stack of chips played out the final. By the time the limits had risen to an incredible $10,000-$20,000, the chip leader had only $130,000 and there were still six players left. One of them was The Man, smokin' Phil Helmuth, and he had pressed the pedal to the metal and was now in second with $120,000. For some reason the glory of the eighth Bracelet had him transfixed and he just couldn't lift his foot. In a hand after hand battle with the Kid from Cincinnati, he gave it all away and was first to go out of the remaining group. From there the big limits forced action and took people out on semi-hands. With three left it was anyones but The Cincinnati Kid came through, albeit 36 years after he lost to Edward G. Robinson. Result
Running player total 2530 (+8%) would translate into 554 players for the Championship.
Is Phil Helmuth leading now?.
28th April - $2000 S.H.O.E (7 Stud, Hold'em, Omaha 8/B, Stud 8/B.) - 181 players. Prize pool $351,140. This is the inaugural event for this format which comprises the four games. Explain the Game The final set many unknowns against 1983 World Champ. Tom McEvoy and David Pham, a native of Vietman and the most successful tournament player in the U.S in the year 2000. Indeed the final was quickly reduced to three people, including McEvoy and "The Dragon" as Pham is known. The Dragon burnt off McEvoy and the cards dried up for local man and real estate dealer Wilson. The S.H.O.E fits the Dragon but he's no Cinderella, this is his first Bracelet but we expect him back for more. Result
Running player total 2333 (+9%) would translate into 559 players for the Championship.
27th April - $1500 Omaha Pot Limit - 145 players (-7%) with 142 rebuys. Prize pool $417,585 (-7%). The record back in 1998 when 183 players played (only 113 rebuys though). The first Pot Limit event is also the likely start point of attack of any British assault on a Bracelet. Chris Bjorin (London) picked this up in '97 and Donnacha O'Dea (London) in '98. 1999 saw no event but Johnny Chan ('87&'88 World Champ.) made it his in 2000. Big names went out of the last two tables (Chan, Seidel, Sexton and Slim).
The Final : This saw three previous Bracelet winners, Deeb, Devilfish and Annie Duke (ex-woman world champ) take on local Vegas talent and some boys from all over the U.S.A. From a week chip position the Devilfish showed them all how pot limit Omaha is played and professionally eliminated his illustrious opponents until it was heads up with a good player from Mississippi. On form it should have been a walk over but after one amazing call of a bluff bet by Kester, Devilfish's confidence was wounded and then his cards dried up. The last hand saw Devilfish bet everything on the flop having made top pair, Kester called with an over pair that stood up.
Running player total 2152 (+9%) would translate into 559 players for the Championship.
[Explain this game] Result
26th April - $1500 7-Card Stud HiLo Split - 230 players (+5½%) 218 last year. Prize pool $335,650 (+2%). The record for this event was back in 1998 when 251 players played. This is a pros game, the field is strong and big names will struggle more to win this sort of comp. Phil Hellmuth in form, did however lose out on the last spot (9th) before the final. The eventual winner, Barry Shulmann, is one of poker's insiders in that he owns and publishes Card Player magazine. Third place Burgio is a long time stalwart and member of the Seniors' Hall of Fame, always there or there-abouts. His many final tables have only given him one Bracelet, this title in 1994.
Running player total 2007 (+10½%) would translate into 566 players for the Championship. [Explain this game] Result
25th April - $1500 Omaha Limit - 143 players 144 last year. Prize pool $209,520 (-2%). The record for this event was way back in 1997 with 184. This is a strange tournament, whilst Omaha is popular, especially in Europe, its played mostly pot limit and is suited to that structure. The winner is this years first European and non-American winner. 1983 World Champion, Tom McEvoy and noted technical poker author, David Sklansky, made it to the final. Running player total 1777 (+11%) would translate into 569 players for the Championship. Result
24th April - $2000 Texas Holdem (no limit) - Yes you guessed, another record. 441 players up 11% from 396. Prize pool $855,540 (+8%). A strong final table where the world's top two tournament players showed the rest how to play and made it a classic heads up clash, Hellmuth (6 titles) and Cloutier (4 titles and all-time money leader). In a 2½ hour battle the dynamic duo showed the huge crowd why they were watching and much card play that no one understood bar themselves. Phil eventually made it 7 (bracelets) and 3rd in the all time list, though he's easily top in the last 21 years. Cloutier moves further ahead in the money list, Hellmuth closes the gap on Chan. Ferguson's 10th place takes him across $2m. Running player total 1634 (+12%) would translate into 575 players for the Championship. Result
23rd April - $1500 7-Card Stud - No stars in this one. Another record, up from last year, 272 from 245 (+11%). Prize pool $395,760 (+8%). The Vegas boys show in force in this old event which gradually loses favour with the poker world. 3rd placed man, Grizzle, over slept after winning $64k in a cash game the night before and was nearly out of chips when he showed, good result for him after that. The ever present Kevin Song on the final table and Mel Judah in the small money once more. Running player total 1193 (+13%) would translate into 579 players for the Championship. Result
22nd April - $1500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8/B - This specialised event attracted 6% more players than last year, another record for event. Players 306 (290). Prize pool $445,230 (+2%).Current World Champion, Chris Ferguson picks up his third Bracelet and joins a select few who have won three. The prize edges him closer to 4th spot in the all-time money winner list at the WSOP. He's now just a few $000 behind the late Stu Ungar. Current player total 921 (+17%) would translate into 599 players for the Championship. Result
21st April - $2000 Limit Holdem - The first big event of the 2001 WSOP breaks attendance records. 615 players, up from 496 of last year (+23%). Prize fund is $1,193,100 (+20%). The final nine were only decided at 5:40 a.m.! Nani Dollison, the winner, is also the 2000 Woman's World Champion. The official $441,440 plus last years $53,200 makes Nani Dollison the all-time leading women's money winner at the World Series. Thats way ahead of Annie Duke, with 16 cashes, who was the leader in the cludhouse with $391,854. Result
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